798 Schools closed in Tharparkar District

Ali Nawaz Rahimoo

Tharparkar desert in Sindh is the largest desert of Pakistan and the eighteenth largest in the world with an area of 22,000 square kilometres. The population of Tharparkar is 1.5 million residing in 2,300 villages the literacy rate is 18.36% Vocational education is introduced, and an artisan’s centre set up in District Head quarter Mithi along with an artisan’s residential colony. All this when ghost schools that exist only on paper are plagued throughout the district, thousands of children are unable to name a single alphabet and schools that do function remain without buildings, furniture, books or Washroom, drinking water for students. Tharparkar, A total of 5,229 government schools are closed in the province, and Tharparkar, where 798 of them are located, tops the list of districts with the largest number of closed schools. Political parties taking part in education department is major reason of miserable condition in Tharparkar district.