Eid shopping gains momentum in Sukkur

Shakeel Khan

SUKKUR: Eid shopping has gained momentum in all the markets of the Sukkur and its adjoining areas. This year, the people are somewhat less enthusiastic about Eid shopping as many of them have donated funds to the poor people. Moreover, exorbitant prices of commodities also have also restrained them from a shopping spree.

The shopping centres of the Sukkur, Khairpur, Shikarpur, Jaccababad and other big and small areas are decorated and illuminated to attract people.

Whatever the constraints, eid shopping has gained momentum with stalls, shopping malls and shops in all corners of the areas displaying a variety of goods to attract visitors. The shopping centers remain open late at night.

Beauty parlours and shops selling accessories for women are making good money. Garment and shoe shops are also getting customers and same is the case with bakeries, restaurants and hotels.

The delightful moments of buying bangles, garments, gifts, shoes and other accessories add special flavor to Eid happiness.

“Usually, the Eid shopping starts with the advent of Ramazan but we continue visiting shopping centers and give last touches to our shopping in the last five Fasting of Ramazan,” said Ms Tarab Bhutto while selecting dresses at Shahi Bazar Sukkur.

Young and old are busy in making last minute preparations for Eid. Especially young girls are eagerly buying bangles and mehndi to celebrate ‘Eid in a traditional way.

Moreover, businessmen are happy with their sale, as according to them, they are making good profits by selling a few items. The sale of children’s items is better than that of the adult people, some salesmen said.

Waseem Soomro, a garments shop at Shahi Bazar Sukkur, said, last year the business started in full swing from the beginning of the month of Ramzan but this year it started late. Now he is happy with the daily sale of goods,

Muhammad Rizwan, a salesman in the same market, said, rates of all items have become double than that of the last year.

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