Education in Pakistan


The purpose of education is to influence the body and the soul both, It is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values, and attitudes. Only the education give a good start on to the road of life.
Education builds up the character of student and help them to become a useful member of the society. Today,education is more important than ever before. But unfortunately, Pakistan’s educational system is very poor.
Pakistani educational system simply not valuable or important enough to society. Our governmental educational institution are very few as compare to the students who wants to get education at different levels. On the other hand, private school systems are becoming more expensive.
They are not affordable for a common one knows what to do? Investors of private schools make education a business rather than a service.
The condition of schools in villages is poorer as compare to the cities.
In villages, buildings are inadequate and at some places, there are no proper building and class rooms. Children are used to sit on the floor or under a tree. Rooms are not properly electrified.
There is no check and balance on the teaching staff. All these factors involve the deterioration in the standard of education in the country, and it result the unemployment and corruption in the country. We cannot compare our education with other developing countries.
We can overcome all these problems if we take some steps. The 1st requirement is to introduce an educational system that guarantee universal education. We should teach the children how to speak, write and read both in English and Urdu.
It should be made to understand political, social and economic problems to think properly. Without this, a stable and balanced democratic government cannot be brought into being. We cannot close our eyes with this fact that social and economic system is connected with education and progress of the country. We have to break up the feudal system from villages and monetary dictatorship of big industries.
As a citizen, we have the right to demand that state accept responsibility for education. And accepting these responsibility means providing education of quality and with equity. One without the other will be quite meaningless, as we are witness.

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