DIG Coast Guard statement revealed India’s heinous face: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Wednesday criticised India on Wednesday after a Youtube video showed a senior Indian Coast Guard official boasting about deliberately ordering to blow up an alleged Pakistani fishing boat.

“India has once again proved to be heinous in its face, designs and urging for peace,” he said in a statement, adding that Indian forces had claimed “four innocent lives”.

It is a common habit of India to disregard and rip apart international laws, said the Pakistani Defence Minister.

India had earlier maintained that the four-man crew of the fishing boat allegedly from near Karachi blew up their own boat on December 31 while trying to escape from the Indian navy.

But the YouTube video published by Indian media showed Indian Coast Guard Deputy Inspector General B.K. Loshali boasting he had ordered the destruction of the boat himself.

“I hope you remember 31st December night,” said Loshali in the video in halting English.

“We blew off the Pakistan… I told at night, blow the boat off. We don´t want to serve them biryani,” the video shows Loshali telling an audience.

Pakistani Defence Minister Asif said Loshali’s statement had given the lie to India’s official response.

“India not only leveled baseless allegations against Pakistan, but it also claimed four innocent lives,” he said.

Asif said the incident once again proves that India does not care about international laws.

The defence minister urged the international community to take notice of the incident and Indian lies.

He once again warned that Pakistan’s desire for peace in the region should not be taken as its weakness.

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