Shahid Ehsan Khalid

(Advocating devil)

One fine morning, Czar Nisar Ali Ch, was informed, (these guys don’t read), that according to NYT, a company in Pakistan is doing something fishy, fishy. He immediately ordered fighter planes, tanks and armored vehicles on the move and action. The operation get “Axact” was complete. Even though he keeps on assuring the nation he rules that he had divorced his American wife yet he cares so much for the former in laws! Thrill, action, drama and comedy ensued.

Was there any investigation before the Czar ordered his Okhrana to take action against Axact? No!

Was there any evidence against the said company or its executives? No!

Now almost after one month, the local Okhrana aka FIA is not even able to file a decent charge sheet against the company. The request to shift the accused chief executive to Islamabad from Karachi is nothing but time a gaining technique. Reason is, they have no evidence against the company.

The media has gone hysteric about fake
degrees. Were they issuing degrees of

Punjab University or IBA, Karachi? That
Honor falls to the Bulhar University (A man with double the size of lips of legendary Jahngir Khan and Naseem Vicky combined).
The degrees of Axact are comparable, if not
better, than the similar certifications by the
hundreds of American and British degree
awarding “institutions” consisting of one room
only. You can verify these facts from the scholars like Dr. Babar Awan and Dr. Aamir Liaqat.

The FIA to its discredit did not act like a professional organization at all. Its senior officers should have questioned the local Czar for evidence. In fact, the whole episode is reminiscent of Khanani and Kalia story. That Pakistani institution was destroyed by similar tactics. Which was a clear loss to Pakistan and it seems, we are bent upon repeating the same story.


By ignoring the basic principle of governance; do not act on impulse. The interior minister and his lackey organization FIA, displayed the national trait again. This time, by taking action against an NGO. Without evidence, again! The fact that he had to retrace his steps only shows the amateur mind set of the minister and, quite frighteningly, the FIA as well.


The simple truth that constitution can help, rather save us all, if we act according to the law is never understood completely. Resultantly we suffer from every ailment under the sun and some beneath it as well. The phlegmatic temperament, the ability to let the law take its own course is the only way. Had this course been taken, Kanani and Kalia would not be extinct; Axact chief executive not in custody and some pride of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and FIA would not have been tarnished.

The solution is more and timely action from the judiciary. We the people of Pakistan have watched one set of tyrannical actions being replaced by other set of misdeeds and atrocities. The only period in history of Pakistan, when ordinary person was confidant that he will get some relief from the judiciary was when Chaudhry Iftikhar Muhammad was chief justice of Pakistan. That is the primary reason why he is so hated by the establishment even today. You won’t hear them say anything bad about Muhammad Irshad and Nasim Hasan Shah or their likes.

The chief justices of the Supreme Court and Sindh High court are requested to take a deep peep into actions of Czar Nisar, FIA and into affairs of Axact. If they are unable to frame a charge sheet against Shoaib Sheikh after one month, yet he is in custody that is czardom not a democracy. In fact, when the Czar initiated action against Axact, next day in his press conference his statement was, “I do not have jurisdiction in this matter”. After this confession his next step could have been resignation for exceeding his authority, but we are not so lucky. As the protectors of the constitution, hence protectors of citizens of Pakistan your honorable courts are requested to take suo moto in this matter and grant relief for all Axact staff and officials. Furthermore, you are requested to issue a decree that without some probing and some solid evidence, the FIA and other state agencies must not raid or hold any Pak citizen as captive.

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