Current crisis is war for power between institutions: Rabbani

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator, Raza Rabbani said on Thursday that the current crisis was a war for power between institutions.

In his address during the joint-session of Parliament, Rabbani said yesterday (Wednesday) it was said that Parliament was victorious, but he thought that the war was still ongoing. “Those who think that this was the first or last attack on Parliament are wrong, this is a war for the federation.”

Rabbani said if the system is derailed; the federation would be at risk from dictatorship which would not be acceptable. “We will not compromise even if the government has. The constitution will defend itself.” Rabbani further said that the journey from dictatorship to democracy was painful and Pakistan would need to be saved from the rolling elite.
The PPP Senator referring to his 14 points brought the attention of the parliament to the freedom of press and the suspension of Geo News. “I do not subscribe to what Geo broadcasts but it has paid its dues. There is a court order yet the government is unable to have it implemented.”

According to Rabbani if the Parliament was working effectively people would have rejected attempts to attack it.

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