CSSP observes minority day and takes out rall

Imtiaz Gorar
The Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) with the collaboration of Coalition on Minority Rights and REAT Network observed a Minority day and took out the protest rally to mark the event to here on Monday at in front of Larkana press club.
The rally was led by Program Manager CSSP Afzal Shaikh which started from Hindu Dharamshala and terminated outside the Larkana Press Club; the participants of the rally were carrying the banners and placards inscribed with slogans to protect the rights of minority and provision of basic facilities according to constitution of Pakistan and they shouted the slogans.
The speakers among CSSP manager Afzal Shaikh, Social Activist LalaMaqbool, Hindu Panchayat leaders Engr. Lachman das, Lekhraj Mil, Mukesh Kumar and others. Speaking on the occasion they said that August11 marks the celebration of minorities’ day in Pakistan as it was on this date that Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, during his speech at the first legislative assembly of the country, proclaimed
all minorities as equal citizens of the new nation.“Minorities in Pakistan have exactly the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens,” said Mr. Shaikh. He further said that a project on human
rights has been initiated in Larkana in which a helpline will be established to deal with human and minority issues.
LalMaqbool Mashori said that it is an occasion to recognize the important role, played by the minorities of Pakistan in nation-building, the sacrifices rendered by them, and the problems and issues, faced by members of minorities. He further said that Islam and all other religions gave lots of stress over equality, social justice and respect for human rights.
The Panchayat members said that religious minorities in the country have given a considerable contribution to different fields in the society including health, education and social welfare etc. They
demanded full security of their religious institutions.
The speakers urged all religious communities to stay united and to promote interfaith harmony, creating unity, peace, equity and justice in the society.

Imtiaz Gorar
Shia Ulma Council Pakistan (SUCP) and Asgharia Students Organization (ASO) Larkana chapter arranged exhibition of Pictures of Palestinian people who were targeted by Israel here at Jinah Bagh Chowk.
Speaking on the occasion Rustam Ali Haideri, Mahram Sangi, Raza Shah, Muntazar Mehdi Magsi addressing said that Israel has initiated the genocide of Palestinian people targeting the innocent children, women and other civilians which is condemn-able act, added that despite of Air strikes and invasion to Palestinian territory by killing hundreds civilians, entire world, UNO and OIC representative organization of Muslim countries are calm spectators and are reluctant to raise effective voice for people of Palestine, Mean while representatives of civil society and citizens took out the protest rally against the killings of innocent Palestinian people by Israeli atrocity and denounced the Israeli aggression, the rally was led by Zahid Hussain Shah, Halar Azad Mangi, Rafique Azad Mangi, Babar and others , on the occasion participants of rally expressed solidarity with unarmed Palestinian people who are facing Israel atrocity.They demanded of entire Muslim countries to end diplomatic ties with anti Islam forces and help Palestinian people.

Imtiaz Gorar
A large number of activists of Tehreek- Minhaj ul Qaran gathered in front of Larkana Press Club to pay tribute the martyred workers of TMQ and arranged the Quran Khuwani and offered dua for the peace of departed souls, on the occasion Shaikh Abdul Aziz Qasmi, Hafiz Younis, Syed Hafeez Shah, Rashid Ahmed Abbasi and others led the protest and shouted the slogans in favor of their demands and called for removal of PML N government.
Speakers addressing said that Punjab government has set the new example of atrocity and suppression by killing 22 innocent workers of Tehreek Minhaj ul Quran and turned the Model town Lahore into the Gazza, added that concerned Police and Punjab government are reluctant to register the FIR of incident which is injustice and lawlessness of Punjab rulers, they said.
Leaders further said that Punjab Police have blocked the supply of food, water, electricity and mobile service and besieged the entire area of Model town which is condemnable act and open aggression of rulers and local Police, but all big institutions are calm and have not bothered to listen their problems, they alleged.
They said that Punjab Sharif brothers should avoid the politics of victimization and step down immediately otherwise they will continue their struggle.

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