Author: Shahid Ehsan Khalid

It is generally assumed that after Saladin reconquered BaitUl Muqaddas or Jerusalem, without succumbing to temptation of traditional European/Christian bloodshed, the story of crusades ended. Not so.


After Richards swore never to return to this God damned affair
The French King Louis decided to take over and reached the border where he was confronted by the younger brother of
Saladin, Adil (Saladin being dead) .Who in true Ayubi fashion
asked him why the Europeans keep on coming on such hopeless expeditions, the King explained that the city was Jesus (pbuh) birthplace hence sacred to the Christians. He must have been eloquence personified because an affair which had seen so much bloodshed usually do not evoke the response shown by
Adil Ayubi.


He gave the keys of the city to the French king.

Needless to say this gesture of peace, goodwill and tolerance was

universally condemned.

Pope was furious and described the whole affair as satanic.
Muslim world must have been aghast at this throwing away of a city and prestige. However unlike Christians they never have a religious leader like a pope, in fact, they cannot have any religious leader as there is no priest class per se in Islam.

The Fourth Crusade

Crusades were initiated by the Byzantine Emperor to preempt rising barbarian’s power in the European peninsula and to curtail eternal threat of Muslim power in the East. This master plan worked wonderfully in the hands of intelligent rulers. Who took great care that crusaders should not be brought into frontiers of the Byzantine Empire. Until Emperor Leo invited the barbarians oops crusaders, into his capital Constantinepole.The semi civilized crusaders saw everything in the capital with unconcealable wonder.
The capital had gifts and gold presented to it for almost one millennia. Like all established and ancient capitals Constantinople reeks of riches. Add beautiful, cultured citizens, their glamorous lifestyle (keep the barbarian’s viewpoint at the back of your mind)
Temptation to loot was too great to be ignored. For a week wealth of Constantinople was looted, houses plundered and citizens attacked, nuns raped, treasures collected over 1000 years were gone.

After great effort army was able to expel them from the city. Pope excommunicated them, and ordered them to return everything and repent over their actions. They just ignored the edict. After some months the Pope forgave them. They rejoiced and kept all the loot.
After this misadventure crusades were effectively dead.

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