Contract employees of revenue Department stages protest for regularization

Contract employees of the revenue Department of district Badin staged protest demonstration against their non regularization in front of Badin Press Club.
According to details, Contract employees of Revenue Department District Badin have staged protest demonstration against injustice with them in connection of their regularization.
Contract employees of Revenue department district Badin who are working in their department from last 07 years but yet could not be regularized their services even though outsiders from others district contract employees are being regularized on their positions.
On the occasion, contract employees including Muhammad Qasim Moriani, Asghar Ali Qasar, Shehzad, Muhammad Sadique, Anwar Ali Lund, Sajni Kumar, Fahim Memon & others said that they are working form last seven years in their department as contract employees but they are being neglected in connection of their regularization.
Moreover, they said that despite making their regularization 15 outsiders of others districts Nawab Shah, Noushero Froze are being regularized on the political & bribery basis mentioning their vacant positions.
Furthermore, they said that their salaries have been off from last year & their families are facing very hardship in this connection.
They demanded from the concerned higher authorities for immediate release of their salaries & make them regularize as their families unrest be reduced. The said if their demands will not be accepted they will hold protest & sit in till their demands acceptance.

FFCS plays a vital role in for fishermen community rights

Fisher Folk Cooperative Society would play a vital role to provide the access to the poorest fishermen for the achievement of their rights.
According to details, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) Badin has celebrated the International day of Cooperatives under the banner of Enterprises Achieves Sustainable Development for All. The event has organized at office ground of Pakistan Fisher Folk Office Badin on Saturday.
While addressing the participants Mithan Mallah, President, PFF Badin said that Cooperative Society will support the fishermen for the solution of their faced issues. It would develop the linkages of the local fishermen to big Cooperative Societies at Karachi.
Umer Mallah, General Sec, PFF, Badin said that Cooperative Society will take efforts to re-active the Cooperative Banks in district Badin as fishermen & farmers can get small loan easily for their micro business. Sajan Shaikh, Chairmen, Fisher Folk Cooperative Society Badin said that small business men, Fishermen & farmers are siege of the multiple issues. Cooperative Society Badin would support them for solution of their issues & persons from various walk of lives would be made the part of society.
Makkal Shah said that cooperative Banks have been closed in district Badin. Membership of the society will be increase step by step, she added. Muhammad Yaseen Tunio said that credit of establishment of the cooperative Society goes to PFF in district Badin. Part & petite issues of the fishermen would be solved through the Cooperative Society. It would also strive for the provision of the employment to the fishermen & it would continue the support of the fishermen, he added.
Abdul Qadir Chandio, DO-SW said that PFF has always taken best initiatives in the favor of the fisher community in district Badin. Professor Nakash Alwani said that role of the society should be for attainment of the rights of the poor people of district Badin. On the occasion, Ghulam Mustafa Jamali, Mohd Qasim Buchio, Sawan Khaskheli, Abdul Ghafar Khoso, Ghulam Murtaza Memon, Noor Hassan Solangi, Sardar Bhayo & others also addressed the participants of the event.

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