Bizenjo was jailed for writing slogan on banknote

QUETTA: Dr Tahirul Qadri’s appeal to write anti-government slogans on banknotes reminded people of Balochistan’s National Awami Party’s (NAP) movement against one unit.
Baloch nationalist leader and founding leader of NAP, Mir Ghaus Buksh Bizenjo, was imprisoned for 14 years in mid-1960s when he wrote ‘Break Up One Unit’ on a Rs100 banknote.
More than fifty years ago Sarawan district’s assistant commissioner had presided over an official jirga following the recovery of a banknote defaced with a slogan from Bizenjo.
The jirga later found Bezinjo guilty and ordered 14 years of imprisonment. The one unit was later abolished and four provinces were revived in 1970s.

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