Bipasha undergoes surgery

MUMBAI: Bipasha Basu underwent corrective eye surgery recently to avoid wearing spectacles

Bipasha Basu will be out of action for nearly a week as she has recently undergone corrective eye surgery at a suburban clinic.

A source says Bipasha had been intending to go for the surgery for a long time. Since Vikram Phadnis’s film ‘Nia’ has been pushed ahead and she has wrapped up all her brand commitments, she decided to get it done a few days ago.

Says a source, “She had short sightedness (-2.5) and did not want to wear glasses. The surgery was performed on both eyes simultaneously.”

The actress has been advised to stay at home for at least a week. Adds the source, “Bipasha had trouble looking at distant objects and is now happy that the operation has corrected that problem.
She is recovering now, though she cannot watch television for a long time or expose her eyes to the sun.”

Bipasha’s spokesperson confirms the news.

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