Bilawal begins political journey with mammoth rally in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressing what is being termed his ‘make or break’ public meeting in the provincial capital on Saturday reiterated his pledge to make Kashmir a part of Pakistan.

In what is being called a milestone rally of PPP’s history and Bilawal Bhutto’s political journey in the country, attended by thousands of supporters from across the country at Bagh-e-Jinnah next to the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, the PPP Chairman was warmly welcomed amid claps and slogans of ‘Jeay Bhutto, Jeay Benazir’.

“The struggle from Quaid-e-Azam to Quaid-e-Awam and from Shaheed Benazir to this day has been for only one cause; to give the people their rights,” he said.

Three million people came out on the day BB Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan on October 18, 2007. “But the Musharraf’s paidawar sabotaged the welcome rally,” he added

“Those wielding the guns are scared of even a woman,’ he said, questioning ‘why only whip lashes and bullets become our fate’.

He said the very first woman ruler of an Islamic country was made the target of a worst form of brutality.

“They think they can bring us down with use of force, but they must not forget that a Bhutto is never afraid of oppressors and their brutal designs.” He recited the poem of Habib Jalib “Main Baghi Hoon”.

“Main Baghi hoon main Baghi hoon, Main Bhutto hoon main Bhutto hoon. Jo Chahay Mujh par zulm karain…..” he said.

On Kashmir issue

He said when he spoke of Kashmir, the Indian media began its propaganda against him while PPP’s website was also hacked. “It was so because they are aware that Bhuttoism is recognized by the whole world,” he maintained.

“We will not let the Pak-India dialogue be held hostage by the issue of Kashmir,” he said.


Bilawal said Bhuttoizm is the guarantee of Pakistan’s stability. The joining force for all the provinces is Benazir, he said.

“We don’t dance to the tunes of someone else’s finger,’ he said.
He said the Constitution of 1973 which enjoyed support from all is reflective of the spirit of Bhuttoism.

Attacks on PPP

He said there is talk of the script everywhere these days, adding he can explain what it is all about. “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had once pointed out the conspiracies that were being hatched against him.”

“Sometimes these conspiracies become our fate in the form of Ziaul Haq who sent a national leader to the gallows. Sometimes they come before us in the form IJI and sometimes Musharraf in whose rule the incident of October 18, 2007 took scores of lives and injured dozens others.”
Later, he said, the Musharraf and Zia legacy took away Benazir Bhutto from us on 27 December 2007.

“The purpose of this script was to give a fake mandate to Nawaz Sharif,” he said, adding however that despite the rigging the people’s own opposition leader secured that slot.

“This script will continue to remain with us until puppet prime ministers are imposed on this nation,” he said.

He said the ‘puppets’ do not want to bring about reforms; they want to burn the whole country down.

“Internal and external forces are responsible for the situation. They want to convert Pakistan into another Iraq and Syria,” he maintained, adding, the more damage is caused to Pakistan, the more these forces gain from it.

On Karachi

He also touched upon the issues faced by Sindh’s provincial capital, Karachi, calling it the ‘Kohinoor’ of Sindh’s crown. “Karachi is represented by all the people of Pakistan. Karachi is the city where Benazir Bhutto was born.”

“Old Sindhis say they have become a minority in Karachi while the new Sindhis complains of being victims of oppression. Please, stop these complaints and move forward,” Bilawal said.

The young PPP chairman lamented that although Karachi is the seventh biggest city of the world and its population is two-folds compared to Lahore, yet its police force is half of that of the latter.
“We want to make Karachi a citadel of peace,” he said, adding, Karachi is bleeding and called for an emergency package for Karachi.

He said all kinds of mafias are in Karachi: extortion mafia, land mafia and judicial mafia and others.

He recalled that Chaudhry Aslam like honest police officers were brutally murdered on these streets.

“PPP is ready to wage a Jihad against terrorism and oppression,” he said, and also repeated the words of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s historic speech to take people’s oath for standing with PPP in its struggle.

“MQM is ruling Karachi for the past 20 years. Whatever happened to Karachi in this time is in front of everyone see. Now PTI wants to become the MQM of Lahore.”

“Let’s join hands to rebuild Karachi. Only PPP’s system can change this city.”

He said: “We know that rigging is carried out in Karachi against PPP. Karachi will see a true independence in 2018 when rigging free elections be held in the country.”

He chanted ‘Yeh Shehar Karachi Bhutto Ka’, ‘Yeh Shehar Karachi Bhutto Ka’….

“We will not let Karachi remain an orphan city,” he added.

On electricity crisis, he said, Pakistan has all the resources not only to generate enough electricity for the country’s needs but also to export it.

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