Big Three or The Chaudhry’s

Tallat Batool

Cricket a game or a power gaining attempt. Well Cricket was a game where 11 players of a team represents there Country and Play for their Country. In the Cricket history we have seen many ups and downs. Where we have seen many cases of match fixing, or we can say “Satte Bazzi”. The role of ICC International Cricket Council was thought to be a centre where every member of the board has to be treated equally, but unfortunately this board has always been bending towards some of the states.
At first England and Australia were thought to be the dominant states but now the list of the Chaudhry has listed another name. India was thought to be that state which was working under covers for many years as a dominant power in cricket history. Now these states have announced their dominance to the rest of the world as The Big Three or we can say The Three Chaudhry’s. Cricket has achieved the most popular sport in the world but now it looks to be on the stakes. According to the Big Three Chaudhry’s the bigger share of Cricket’s global revenues and the rule of the games governance including the important aspect of formulating future tour programmes will be in the hands of the Three Chaudhry’s.
We should give some applause to the ICC because under the supervision of these three states ICC has deeply studied the weak points of the other members to blackmail and bribe them to accept the new scheme. Like South Africa was offered as an elite position with the Chaudhry’s. As we know that so Friends with Benefits. The purpose of cricket is just now to make money. The spirit of Cricket is that greed is good, it is celebrated and rewarded. Pakistan stance on this greedy game of power is not in favour of the Chaudhry’s. Already Pakistan is suffering a lot in the Cricket world as No home International series, which is distanced by its old political rival India. Pakistan stood alone against this power gaining game. As now Pakistan has accepted Big Three, but on some demands like Pakistan will get some home series and Pakistan Premium League to start in January 2015. If Pakistan has not accepted this, the future Cricket of Pakistan was on stake. Pakistan was already pushed towards to the isolation.
Cricket will not grow as global sports, it will be ruled by the three obsessed Chaudhry’s to dictate the future cricket of other countries. Power and greed has affected the cricket and many cricket fans all over the world. Well now we can say that the fairness of the game will be jeopardized.
Leadership in any sphere must be by merit and based on values, not be snatched by force. Well how long this big three rule will be there on cricket world, we have seen when power is seek through greed and illness of minds, there comes the downfall of that empire.

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