Anxiety of load shedding, and creepy summers!

Salima Aman

Huge demand for electricity exceeds whether it’s the month of June, July in summers or the month of November, December in winters. Load shedding in our beloved country Pakistan is unresolved piece of matter since long. Governments are formed with so many promises of leaders and continues with the same rhythm, they arise, enjoy the power of their positions by wood winking common people with their sympathetic speeches. Records and researches have revealed about the power crisis faced by the sector of electricity in Pakistan, the worst crisis in 2007 when it fell by 6000 Megawatt (MW). Is it would be convenient to quote that Pakistan has no resources for power production and reason of loads shedding? Then it would be so unfair statement with country, because Wikipedia articles assert Pakistan can easily produce electricity of 14,000 to 16,000 megawatt like a piece of cake and with no doubt our state is rich in natural resources then why we suffer?. The storm of load shedding has engulfed consumers including, hospitals, common people, shops, students, institutions and most targeted industrial sector which has indirect effect on economy of country and labor class. Fears of load shedding in hot lengthy days and dark suffocated nights has concerned the peace of people but they are now hooked to it and have no other route, people tried over and over to convey their message but like always hopeless. Media every time has played its role in uplifting the snags and subjects of people, they also can’t do anything more then it. After the relaxation period of 6 months in winters, only from hot sunny days that exasperate the mental peace and stick around like warm gelatin not from load shedding, although it’s also observable in winters too. Every year some figures are reported for load shedding like last year it was 10 hours in urban areas and 12 to 18 hours in rural areas or more then it, the temperature goes above 45 degree and in 2010 it is recorded 53 degree it’s like a hot tank but people still tackle the situation with heavy bills without enjoying the blessing of power and at other side the unpaid heavy bills of federal and provincial agencies is a headache for common man. Electricity is one of the most significant factor to track lives in a streamline especially in hot burning summers, every individual is suffering from it. In every subject our target is not the Government but concern with the issues, their solutions and the answers of problems.
State will experience these problems until the altering Government don’t encounter or use the present resources properly for generating electricity.

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