Altaf Hussain dvises Imran to withdraw his candidate to save face

KARACHI, Apr 20 (INP): Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has asked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran to quit the race for by-elections in NA-246 to save his face.

Addressing party workers here late Sunday night, Altaf Hussain advised Imran to withdraw his candidate Imran Ismail in favor of MQM aspirant Kanwar Navid in order to save face from defeat.

Hussain said that Khan, who poked fun at his crying and singing while speaking to his followers from London, should have known better before blundering out this ridiculous dig.

“Khan, sahib every –healthy– child that comes into this world cries. There is always ‘music’ in the crying of a baby. And those who don’t cry immediately after birth are spanked so that they can breathe,” said Hussain.

The MQM leader made no bones about his love for the music especially the good one.
“I like melodies that touch my heart. And when I’m sad I hum what I feel like,” Hussain said sharing with his followers his very private ‘pleasures and pains.’
He concluded his long-distance short address by saying, “If someone doesn’t love music then he/she is not even human, so to speak.”

Meanwhile, Altaf Hussain welcomed independent candidate Mehfozyar Khan in the party, who withdrew from the race for NA-246 in favor of Kanwar Navid and announced to join MQM.

Altaf thanked Mehfozyar for his withdrawal, saying that it was the triumph of ‘Haq Parasti’. He also welcomed Mehfozyar in MQM and said that he and Kanwar Navid will not disappoint people.

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