I wish I could enrolled in school

Asif Saffar Khaskheli

A child thinks…….
It is well known truth that education is backbone of any society. Education is only single way for the development of any nation;besides this it is also one of the facts that, the children are the future of any country.
Basically I belong to gipsy community we do not have proper living place. My parents are artisan we live in Sindh province. With due apology, I am not able to show my permanent address because we don’t live permanent anywhere. God knows who is responsible to provide proper living place to our community. But I do claim that I also future of my country.

Might be, it is only saying not in real, because my time is going so fast having no full stop. Indeed,I am still not much aware about the power of education, for the reason that when I become educated and utilize my academic qualification for the better of our society after that, I would have ideas regarding power of education.
I always remained under ignorance of my parents and teachers, if I see to my parents they do not know about education because they are illiterate. They may be having knowledge about the importance of education, if anybody reach to them and let them orient about the importance of education.Although, my teacher is direct responsible to teach me and other children as well.
But no, why he should be worried and think about our future!Nevertheless his children are getting education in private schools, where I could not. Unfortunately he is enjoying the freedom of duty free.
The other concern people let him free and do not bound him to fulfill his duty;he has very much important task assigned by Wadera.He always remains busy to accomplish private/personal assignments of Shah Sain/Wadera. I have decided to get education at any cost and will strive to spread my message among the other children of my village, UC, Taluka, District, Sindh and finally country.
I feel strange, if I think about this matter, than why othersdo not think upon the same issue?I would suggest to community members they must put their concern to overcome and resolve this issue.If we believe that everything is possible in this world, then why it is not possible to educate me, as I could become a good citizen of this country and serve to my nation.
At this juncture, I go to school feel gloomy and return back to my home, to seemain gate is always opened because due to out of order, rooms are locked because if door of rooms opens there is security concern,so the pesticides and agro-based tools can be stolen, which effect on the economy of Wadera.So teacher is not deceive he is well aware that how to keep secure the things of Wadera.He performs his duty with commitment and dedication as a Munchhiof landlord, and gets financial support for his family from his side job like Govt. Teaching. (Govt. Job considers as side job in our society which is prime responsibility of any govt. servant but we are opposite of this)
With due apology, I do not say like mentioned above, if my teacher do not repent to be an absentee then why I feel awful to raise my voice against the violation of my basic right. I solicit to all of you do something for me, directly or indirectly I am yours, if you are from this society where these sorts of mishaps are routine to destroy the future of children.Then you have to take stand as your name could be written in the list of best of the best men/women of the society. I look forward with this hope that anyone come and enroll me at school and ensure the attendance of teachers and run the business of schools as per academics. I promise I shall serve to you, your children altimetry to our nation. I believe by adopting such practices,we can build a peaceful and prosperous society.Let’s move to our destination, the day will come when every child of our society could be well educated.

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