LAS organizes Seminar about minority rights are special concern

Imtiaz Gorar
The Legal Aid Society (LAS) Larkana chapter organized a one day “visibility seminar” here at local hotel on Tuesday.

Provincial Manager of LAS Miss. Maleeha Azhar delivered a detailed presentation on Legal Aid Society’s operations in Larakana and apprised to participants about the objectives of event.

She said that, LAS is working under the chairmanship of Justice (R) NasirAslamZahid as sister organization of Legal Aid Office. LAS is working on different projects in Larkana such as Darulaman and juvenile and women jails, Minority rights are special concern of LAS in Larkana. Our Legal Advisory Call Center is operational 24/7 hours in which any person from any community and any area can seek benefit of advice at any time.

Mr. VijayKumar, Vice President Hindu Punchayait invited for presenting his thoughts over current issues of minorities during that he said that the concept of Minority must be deleted from our constitution and there is immense need of tolerance from Muslim majority community towards minorities of our land. Delivering talks on minorities conditions in Larkana and Sindh.

Father Qaiser and Joseph Sadik said that Laws in Pakistan must be in accordance and in care of minorities communitiesare drafted which may produce harmony and safety for minorities in Pakistan, Such laws which brings toughness towards deprived communities of Pakistan must be abolished as soon as possible.

Laxman Dass representative of Bagri community of Larkana said on this occasion that all humans are equal and respectable in all religions of the world, our communities are treated not in a good manners in Pakistan by state as well as majority communities of this state, we as the original inhabitants of this land of saints (Sindh) are turned into be minority, which is by no means of any justice is correct and truth, while truth is that still we are majority people of Sindh, province.

Dr.Rajesh OAd, the president of oad organization of Larkana said, according to the occasion of the event I would say that our cases and matters must be raised boldly and we hope Legal Aid society will come up with pragmatic solutions toward our deep sorrows and concerns.

The project manager CSSP Larkana AfzalShaikh in his speech said that we are glade to listen about LAS operation in Lakrana by providing legal aids to victims and we will look forward for any MOU between CSSP and Las for minority cases referrals.

Renowned grower and former President Sindh Balochistan Rice Millers Association Gada Husain Mahesar, President Social welfare department of larkana, during the final speech of seminar said that we are all aware the most famous folk saying of our society that Law is blind, so where law is blind it becomes very difficult to raise voice of justice and right. But on the other hand we are become so blind our self as well that we are happily throwing our children to begging rather than to drag them towards education. Different NGOs are working in our country nowadays, but LAS has taken bold initiatives to bringing in the projects on legal fields especially on minority
children and women rights. We should support their cause and purpose them, and should not be hesitating to render our any possible support to their noble cause.
Miss.Adia Ranjhani, Zuabir Ahmed Hakro, Field Officer LAS-Larkana, Sheeraz Ahmed advocate and Alamgir Bahio advocate of Legal Aid Society were also present.

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