12 Pakistani Hajj pilgrims injured during Rami in Mina

MAKKAH: Twelve Pakistani Hajj pilgrims sustained injuries during ritually stoning the devil, the last rite of Hajj in Mina, Saudi officials, said.

The officials of Department of Saudi City Defence said 12 Pakistanis were hit and wounded with pebbles from backside while performing Rami.

The three pilgrims, who sustained minor injuries, have been discharged after receiving medical cure while nine others are still under treatment.

Over two million pilgrims ritually stoned the devil on Saturday.

The stoning occurred in Mina, about five kilometres east of the Grand Mosque in the holy city of Makkah.
The pilgrims, who collected the pebbles at Muzdalifah on the way to Mina, will stone two other sites on Sunday and Monday as the Hajj concludes.

The ritual emulates Prophet Abraham (AH), who is said to have stoned the devil at three locations when he tried to dissuade Abraham (AH) from God’s order to sacrifice his son. At the last moment, God spares the boy, sending a sheep to be sacrificed in his place.

Pilgrims reached Mina overnight following a day of prayer on Mount Arafat, where the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is believed to have given his final sermon 14 centuries ago.

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