Would even sacrifice life to save Constitution: Javed Hashmi

MULTAN: Senior Politician Javed Hashmi Sunday warned that if the constitution was torn apart then no one would be able to prevent the federating units from falling apart.

“I would even sacrifice my, if needed, to save the Constitution,” he said while talking to reporters during a press conference here at his residence.

He said at the time of joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), he had made it clear to its chairman Imran Khan that they both would have equal status in the party. “I had clearly told Khan sahab that I would not be his subordinate.”

Hashmi said in case the government caved in, the onus of it would squarely be on the government itself.

He said those who pushed Imran Khan into troubled waters should be made to undergo a mental check up.

“Instead of rendering sacrifices themselves, our leaders expect the same from the nation,” he regretted, adding they keep their own children in the safety of their homes but make the kids of the poor sit on the streets.

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