THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi …. (Topics series)

This REVOLUTION, before it materializes, will no doubt cause terrible stir throughout the hands of the capitalist and the politician, but it is the stern responsibility to be faced by the Scientist at all costs. THE sentimental objection to be faced by the he is not a “politician” fail to carry to weight, as after the assumption of power by him the world-politics are bound to change fundamentally to a polity which will necessarily be scientific, dynamic and constructive. Its main features will be

Divesting Man of the idea of “Prophet-ridden” religions and the ingraining in him of the ONE RELIGION OF NATURE that accords with the real spirit of every existing religion of the world and would be scientifically acceptable to all.
Divesting Man of other man-made prejudices e.g. of race, color etc.
Widening of the vision of Man toward Nature for the purpose of total utilization of Earth’s resources and pooling of all hands and brains for this purpose.
Creating means for intensive over-population sing of Earth in order that the struggle for existence may reach its climax.
Direct dealing with the problem of LIFE in order that Man may be able to create it for the purpose of gaining insight into the Mystery of Nature also with a view to raise his level of intelligence and evolve himself to higher forms of creation.
Take stock of the extremely limited and defective knowledge he possesses at present of Nature and devise means of gaining knowledge of the Eye and Ear with newer fundaments of investigation and newer units of measurements of Natural objects than those which have produced only the revolving machines the telephone the telescope, bombs radio, the mathematical equation and formulae the hydrogen bomb etc. but not that Omniscience and Omnipresence which are necessary to him pervade the whole Universe.
Devise means to make human struggle for existence resemble as closely as possible that colossal struggle which would make the whole Human Species change its physical organ into those more fitted for the conquest of lands beyond the Earth i-e make human body more fit for habitation in celestial bodies.
Until the whole Human Species is made to prepare itself for such an Earth-wide struggle there is little possibility of an urge exhibiting itself on such an intensive scale as would make human brain and his physical organs evolve into higher form.

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