Women Action Forum held a protest demonstration here to condemn the massacre of Juma prayers in Shikarpur in which around 60 innocent worshippers were martyred and 50 more injured. The protest was led by professor Amar Sindhu, professor Arfana Mallah and Haseen Musrat Shah. Others who joined the protest included Jami Chandio, Imdad Chandio, Punhal Sario, Farooq Soomro and Mahesh Kumar. A large number of men, women and children took part in protest. After candle light vigil the leaders of Women Action Forum said in their address that the tragedy of Shikarpur has raised questions on inefficiency of government. They said since long the activities of banned religious outfits were continuing in which the literature and speeches of sectarian hate were distributed, loudly spoken and publicized. The political and social parties and organizations of Sindh have been urging authorities to take notice of the spread of religious hatred through seminaries and under guise of charities but it seemed incompetency of Sindh government that it never took serious steps to control their activities.They said this was 4th terrorist attack in Shaikarpur district including attack on Nato tankers which means the terrorists’ network has taken their roots in Sindh. Jami Chandio said the terrorism attacks in Sindh were not sudden as they were nurtured by forces. He said after Peshawar tragedy if government had taken serious steps Shikarpur blast could have been averted. He said main accused of this tragedy were federal and provincial governments.He made it clear that was on terror was not of USA and army but it was war of civil society and people.


Communist Party of Pakistan has slated the apathetiic attitude of Islamabad rulers including prime minister Nawaz Sharif and other ministers who never bothered to visit Shikarpur where terrorists killed 62 Juma prayer worshippers and injured 56 others in Imambargah. In a statement issued here CPP observed that this proved that Pakistani state was not able to protect its citizens rather its inefficiency was encouraging terrorists as is evident that rulers did only issued statements and did nothing more even did not came to console the victim families. The attitude of rulers is condemnable. After meeting of politburo of CPP, its secretary general comrade Imdad Kazi asked progressive forces of Sindh that religious extremism has invaded Sindh after KPK as such they should get united to face them.CPP Politburo discussed Obama visit of India and Pak army chief visit of China and concluded that Pakistan is going to become center of conflict between UAS, China and India. It said US was attempting to organize ISIS like killer force in Pakistan to convert this country in Iraq. The party asked rulers to change their policies and rout out terrorism to make country safe otherwise Pakistan could get plunged in bloodshed.

Prolonged & unscheduled power outage in Badin was protested in National Assembly

prolonged un-scheduled load shedding up to unidentified duration has completely paralyzed normal life and affected routine business in district Badin.
Towns & cities of district Badin remained under darkness throughout the district including Badin, Shaheed Fazal Rahu, Matli, Talhar & Tando Bago. People of Badin especially business community belonged with district faced miseries.
Former Speaker NA, & MNA Dr. Fehmida Mirza has discussed the prolonged un-scheduled load shedding to unidentified duration occurring in Badin district & its occurring affect to masses specially business community in district Badin & recorded her stern protest against such biasness in National Assembly & demanded to reduce the duration of the load shedding throughout Sindh specially in Badin district.
Abid Sheer Ali, Federal Minister, Water & Power Pakistan said that responded that load shedding is being done throughout the country. To a statement, Dr. Fehmida Mirza said that Minister, Water & power should visit the Badin & he can be apprised about the public atrocities & thorny of district Badin & about affects on the business. Many youth have been made unemployment.
Dr. Fehmida Mirza warned Federal Govt that if the prolonged un-scheduled load shedding will not be ended, she would compel to begin protests with public against such act of the federal Govt.

Imtiaz Gorar
The Anti-terrorism court (ATC) Larkana on Wednesday awarded life imprisonment to 11 accused among notorious dacoit Wishun Chandio and imposed fine Rs 0.1 million each on proving murder case of Three Police cops among SHO Khabri Police Station of Kamber Shahdadkot, while three arrested accused were acquitted by Court for non proving case and their identification.
The court of Muhammad Riaz Rajput convicting in murder case of three Police cops among SHO Khabri Police Station of District Kamber Shahdadkot Abdul Khaliq Bozdar, HC Ghous Bux Joyo, PC Muhammad Juman Rahar, has pronounced the sentence life imprisonment to 11 absconding notorious dacoit Malooq alias Wishun Chandio,Manzoor Luhar, Sahib alias Sabu Luhar,Ali Jan Malgani,Kifayatullah Chandio, Rashid Rind,Qurban Nooryani Chandio, Murtaza Chandio, Mahram Khoso, Shero Gurhamani Chandio, Liaqat Kambrani Chandio and others on proving murder case on them, The Court also imposed fine Rs 0.1 million on each while court acquitted the 3 arrested men Rahib Chandio,Sadam Hussain and Mehar Chandio as complainant did not identify to them on that case.
Abdul Majeed Qadri had lodged the FIR of murder case of their colleagues SHO Khabri Police Station of District Kamber Shahdadkot Abdul Khaliq Bozdar, HC Ghous Bux Joyo, PC Muhammad Juman Rahar against the 11 nominated accused at Khabri Police Station of Kamber Shadadkot district.
It is pertinent to mention here that three Police cops among SHO Abdul Khaliq Bozdar, HC Ghous Bux Joyo and PC Muhammad Juman Rahar were killed by armed during the patrolling on 25 November 2013.

Imtiaz Gorar
The Commissioner Larkana division Dr Saeed Mangnejo presided over the high level meeting in connection with National Action Plan (NAP) to deal with emergency situation and taking preventive measures to thwart any untoward incidents here at his office.
The meeting was convened by Commissioner Larkana following security threats in country making the concerned departments alerts to find preventative steps to avoid such incidents happened in Shikarpur and other parts of country.
The Commissioner Larkana Dr Saeed Ahmed Magnejo directed the law enforcement agencies to keep vigilant eye on presence of banned outfits in Larkana division and ensured that they were not operating their activities with other names if found then, stern action be taken against them added that all political and religious gatherings should be ensured with prior permission of concerned authorities, misuse of loud speaker will be dealt with legal action, he said.
Dr Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo apprised the meeting that A Rescue Center will be established in Larkana to face the emergency and facilitation of masses in case of any incident or calamity, meeting also decided that foolproof security arrangements should be made for Masjids, Imam Bargahs, Mandirs, temple, hospitals, schools, markets and other public place, he also directed that all cellular phone Sims must be verified and registered through biometric system which must also be ensured
The Commissioner Larkana emphasized on estate agencies to ensure the registration of sell, purchase and rent details at nearby Police stations to check the residence of outsiders and criminal elements besides he told that all entry points at divisional, district, city and town level must also be checked. He further directed that security points must be strengthened throughout the division so that criminal activities could be monitored and curbed.
He said that Prime Minister of Pakistan and Sindh Chief Minister have also chaired the meetings of National Action Plan in view of prevailing situation in country for making foolproof security arrangements in the province to fight terrorism after the
The meeting was attended by DIG Larkana Zone, Sain Rakhio Mirani, Deputy Commissioners, SSPs and DSPs of Larkana division, officers of Rangers, Health department and others.

LARKANA: The Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) and Right Expression Assembly and Thought (REAT) Network Larkana chapter staged protest and took out the peace full rally against the Shikarpur blast in Imam Bargh and religious extremism and terrorism in country here on Monday.
The protest rally was attended by the representatives of civil society and citizens in large number to condemn the barbaric carnage.
The rally was led by Afzal Shaikh, Vijay Kumar, Qadir Bux Kamangar, Imtiaz Gorar, MB Abro, Advocate Abdul Rehman Bhutto, Umar Buriro, Kelash Kumar and others, the rally started from bunder road which marching through various roads disbursed at in front of local Press Club.
The protesters, who were holding banners and placards, were chanting slogans against the terrorists.
Speaking on the occasion, they said the time had come to take strict action for taking to task the terrorists and get the nation rid of terrorism, adding that it needs decisive steps to uproot militancy and menace of terrorism in country.
They said that Sindh soil has been symbol of peace and religious harmony, its inhabitants are human loving and believing on sofism, added that it was conspiracy to disrupt the peace and tranquility of Sindh.
They demanded of high ups to ensure the security of Masjids, Imam Bargahs, Mandars and other religious places and arrest the involved accused in Shikarpur incidents



SHIKARPUR: In order to express condolence to the victim families over the assassination of their relatives hit by the suicide bomb blast occurred in central Imam bargah Karbla Masjid on Friday last, the visitors belonging to different section reached at central Imam bargah here on Monday where they strongly condemned the Shikarpur disaster and expressed their condolence to the victim families.
While talking to media men Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui the Deputy convener of Rabita Committee who visited Shikarpur along with his 08 member delegation comprising MPA Muhammad Saleem Bandhani, MPA Dilawar Qureshi, MPA Deewan Chand Chawila, MPA Zafar Kamali, Member of Sindh Tanzeemi Committee Habib Ahmed Bulidi, Qutub uddin, Zonal In-charge Abdul Ghaffar Sethar and Joint In charge Sakhi Dad Murree to express condolence with the Mutawalee of Imam bargah and other victim families has said that in the name of Islam those who were involved in committing the blood shedding of the innocent people were neither become Muslims nor human being.
He expressed his surprise that what was the drama played by Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah to visit Shikarpur for expressing sympathies to the victim families in the darkness of midnight when their was neither any body of any Shaheed nor any member of the victim family was present at the place of incident.
The MQM leader was of his opinion that the people of the province of Sindh particularly should manage themselves on self help basis for protection of life, honour and property when the present government was totally failed to do so.
However Dr. Siddiqui has demanded of Federal Government to exercise the policy of Zarb-e-Azab in the province of Sindh in order to crush the growing curse of terrorism for well being of the masses.
Besides he said and added that all the managements of Deeni Madaris be brought in the status of terrorists who were providing education and training in their Madaris as well as they consider the terrorist as their friends.
On the other hand MQM leader expressed his deep anger over the doctors and paramedical staffers of Civil Hospital Shikarpur who created troubles and difficulties in providing proper facilities of Medical treatment as well as life saving drugs and medications to the people injured in Shikarpur disaster and referred to this hospital. If the proper medical first aid was given to the injured in Hospital no more causalities were occurred.
He demanded of Sindh Government to take serious notice in to the matter and ordered for severe action against the failure administration of the Civil Hospital Shikarpur.
On the occasion the central leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Mumtaz Ali Bhutto was of his opinion that when their was no any life of the people secured and the people of the country generally and the province of Sindh particularly were deprived of their fundamental rights the rulers have no right to live in power more.
He allegedly said that in last 07 years the PPP Government totally failed to control over the terrorist and anti social activities in large interest of the people on the province and the when the rulers done nothing good in the interest of the people but created unbearable problems including terrorism and lawlessness.
On the occasion the Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Moulana Siraj ul Haque strongly condemned the Shikarpur disaster and expressed his condolence to the victim families and said that their were some anti Islamic forces were bent upon to destroy the peace and calm in the country and involved in hatching the conspiracy to damage the National unity to meet their ulterior motives by adopting the policy of terrorism.
He said that the act of Shikarpur disaster was the challenge to Federal and provincial governments of over come the terrorist activities.
The PPPP Central leader Sardar Wahid Bux Khan Bhayo has said that all the Masajids, Temples, Churches and other religious place were not secured from the attack of terrorists which caused to create problems to perform worship of Almighty Allah therefore he demanded of Central and Sindh provincial governments to arrest the real culprits and their supporters involved in Shikarpur disaster if they both the governments were sincere to provide legal security to the people in accordance to the responsibilities of the governments.


: The joint protest demonstration of the male and female activists of Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Larkana division district Shikarpur was staged at Lakhi Gate clock tower chowk in protest against the Shikarpur disaster here on Monday evening.
On the occasion the rally was also taken out from Thaheem Muhalla Hathi Gate Shikarpur which while marching on city roads reached at Lakhi Gate Clock tower chowk which was termed in the demonstration.
The rally and the demonstration was led by Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi central leader of Majilis-e-Wahidat-ul-Muslimain, Fida Hussain Larik, Ali Salman and other ISO leaders.
Addressing on the occasion Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi central leader of Majilis-e-Wahidat-ul-Muslimain and other strongly condemned the incident of suicide bomb blast in central Imam bargah Masjid Shikarpur and expressed their condolence to the victim families.
The protesters demanded of government to arrest the real culprits involved in Shikarpur disaster without any delay otherwise the serious protest movement would be launched if the government failed to arrest the culprits within two weeks.


The Anti Terrorist Court (ATC) Shikarpur awarded the punishment to the accused Abdul Razzaque Khoso for 25 years imprisonment and the fine of rupees one lac. Deflating to pay the fine money the accused will have to suffer six months more imprisonment here on Tuesday.
Accused Abdul Razzaque Khoso was involved in the incident of suicide bomb blasting on former MNA Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi in last 2013 he was identified in the said case and challaned before the Anti-Terrorist Court Shikarpur for trial. While the other nominated accused Manzoor Ali Naich is absconding.


Speaking at an emergent press conference held at Jatoi House here on Tuesday evening, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi the former MNA has allegedly said that the Shikarpur disaster was the out put of the negligence by district and police administrations Shikarpur towards the security measures.
He said and added the Shikarpur district was on hit point of terrorism when the network to target the Shikarpur district and the terrorist succeeded to bring the central Imam bargah Masjjid under the grip of suicide bomb blast due to negligence in taking proper preventive security measures to protect the religious places and educational institutions to meet their ulterior motives of creating unrest and sectarian dispute to damage the Muslim unity on the directions from their masters remaining under the blessing of anti-Islamic forces.
He demanded of government to order for early and serious operation against the terrorists through deployment of Rangers and Pak Army personnel in district Shikarpur in order to insure peace and tranquility in the district.
On the other hand Dr. Jatoi has further demanded to issue arms license to the managements of all the Imam bargahs to meet the purpose of the proper security.
He also called for the Sindh government to take special steps to stop the free weapon trafficking as well as to intensify the preventive security measures for schools. Imam bargahs and other public places and to keep vigilant eye over the movement of the terrorists and criminal elements.


After the Shikarpur disaster, the series of protest rallies and demonstrations going on at Shikarpur to condemned the act of terrorism in Shikarpur district.
The big demonstration was staged by the activists of Shikarpur Bachayo Tahreek in protest against the incident of suicide bomb blast in central Imam bargah Shikarpur on Tuesday at Lakhi Gate Clock tower chowk here.
The large number of the representatives belonging to PML-N, JSQM, JUI-F, JI,JSM,QAT,APKA,PTA, Small Trade Association, Civil society notables and other city associations and the victim families participated in demonstration to condemned the Shikarpur disaster.
Meanwhile the activists of Quaidians Sindh Forum (QSF) also took out the rally and staged a demonstration in front of Shikarpur press club to express their solidarity with the victim families.
The protesters have demanded of district and police administrations to arrest the real culprits involved in the disaster without any delay.

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