Wish your eyes Good Night!

We see the whole world through them and often express our emotions too! Yes, they are our eyes and one of the most used as well as beautiful parts of our body which often get neglected due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Wrinkles, sagging under eye skin, sunken eyes are the results of it. Taking off your woes, Ms. Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, shares how you can treat your eye related issues with a simple night care regime and make them spark like never before!

Remove makeup: Bored of hearing it again and again? But it’s true that for sparkling eyes, you have to remove all traces of your eye makeup before hitting the sack. One should remove it with a good eye-makeup remover or vitamin E/baby oil first and follow it up with a mild wash to get that beautiful, twinkling set of eyes.

Cream care: As there are no oil glands around your eyes, using an eye cream containing AHA helps in fighting the eye-related issues like; dark circles, sunken eyes. Just dab an ounce around your eyes and gently massage in circular motion before going to sleep. This will replenish the moisture around your eyes; reducing wrinkles and giving a nice glow to them.

Oil magic: Try massaging your eyes with vitamin-E or almond oil every night or alternately for good results. This aids in dehydrating the area, improves the blood circulation around your eyes and also helps in curbing the puffiness for those younger looking eyes. For this, you can massage your eyes starting from the inner corner of the eyes towards the temple of your forehead and ending it on the back of the neck. Still, if the problem persists, don’t delay your visit to a professional cosmetologist any further.

Posture perfect: Although, different people have different sleeping postures, it is best to sleep upright, with your back placed on bed; and not stomach! Sleeping in the former position is considered to be good as it aids proper blood circulation, reducing the forming of eye related problems.

Beauty sleep: But, don’t expect the above procedures to work if you don’t take an adequate amount of sleep. Make sure to sleep for at least 7-9 hours to keep your eyes in great health. Also, do not forget to eat healthy as what you consume is revealed through our peepers too!

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