Winter special: 5 easy tips to maintain hygiene

Snug inside a balmy chair of warming solitude murmuring, Yeah! It’s right in the midst of winter time again…Winter is a time when those whacky cold winds can give you cold and flu and other seasonal health disorders. So one needs to be cautious and maintain hygiene in order to fight infections.

Here are a few hygiene practices you should take up this winter season:

Make way for sunlight: Early morning sunlight is believed to be a natural way to fight infections. Also, exposure to the sun helps regulate one’s internal clock and ensures a good night sleep. But, since its winter time, so we can hardly catch up with the morning rays. So, later in the day, try to sit in a room near a well lit window to get ample amount of the ‘mighty’ sunrays. One can also use a nearby park to take a walk for sometime in the sunlight.

Eat healthy: Eating foods which are healthy is also important. One needs to have not just a healthy diet, but also consume fruits as they are packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help fight infections and boost immunity to fight against diseases.

Exercise is the key: Although winters is that time of the year when one tends to feel more sleepy and dizzy curling up in that cosy blanket, but don’t be a lazy lad. At the time when the weather is lowering our spirits, it is important to motivate yourself to exercise on a cold morning to keep diseases at bay.

Take shower, wash your hair timely: Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair and leave you with a feeling of cursing this blissful weather. It is important to wash your hair timely to keep your hair healthy and free from fungal and bacterial infections.

Put your mattress in the sun: It is important to put your mattress in the sun regularly as it greatly reduced allergens and germs. Also, it reduces the risk of attracting fungi and moulds thereby protecting you from various allergies.

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