When Taapsee’s parents refused to recognize her

MUMBAI: Taapsee parents was in for a shock to see Taapsee in a colour raided avatar. The bubbly actress who is a big fan of the festival celebrates it whole heartedly with her friends every year. This time last year when Taapsee went home after a Holi Party her parents took a minute recognize her.
The actress was covered from head to toe with so many different colors that it would have been impossible to recognize her from short distance also.

Remembering this funny incident Taapsee says, ” More than my parents I think I was in for a rude shock to have to convince my parents “its me !! Let me in” J ” But yea, I love celebrating this festival and I do it with total dedication. However, this time around its going to be a family-time Holi for me without going crazy ”

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