Water flow at Trimmu Headworks exceeds 500,000 cusecs

JHANG: The water flow at the Trimmu Headworks, where Jhelum and Chenab rivers converge, was over 500,000 cusecs.

Official sources said over 700,000 cusecs of water was approaching the Trimmu Headworks and over 400,000 cusecs of water in Jhelum River was also reaching there, simultaneously.

They added that the final decision about breaking the embankment of Athara Hazari town had been made to save the Trimmu Headworks, as the total capacity of the head works was only 645,000 cusecs.

Over 300 villages of Athara Hazari and Ahmedpur Sial tehsils had been inundated while water at certain points was about 20 feet deep. “Even with this expected breach, the safety of the headwork will not be 100 percent and the Maluwana dyke protecting the Jhang city could also be breached,” they feared.

They said the district administration had made all possible rescue and relief arrangements while the victims were being shifted to safe places with the help of Rescue 1122 and army Jawans.

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