Wagah border suicide attack leaves 59 dead, over 100 injured

LAHORE: An explosion following the parade at the Wagah border on Sunday has left 59 people dead while over 100 others sustained injuries.

Those lost their lives include 3 Rangers personnel, 10 women and 7 children.

IG Punjab confirmed that the explosion was a suicide attack.

Sources at the Ghurki Hospital have confirmed that 100 injured were brought to the hospital.

IG Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera told, the suicide attacker approached the gate as the crowd was vacating the parade area where the flag hoisting ceremony is held.

Emergency was declared at hospitals in Lahore, where injured and bodies were being taken. Families of the deceased and injured have begun gathering at the hospital where bodies are being kept in the open foyer due to unavailability of space.

10-15 kg explosives used

According to the initial report of Punjab Home Department, about 10-15 kilograms of explosives were used in the attack.

The report said the suicide bomber walked past 4 check posts before detonating the explosives on him.


A victim shared his loss stating that his father, two uncles, two aunts and his brother were killed in the attack while another victim said he lost five members of his family.


DG Punjab Rangers Maj General, Khan Tahir Jawed, briefed journalists regarding the attack and confirmed that the attack took place 30 minutes after the parade had ended and crowds were vacating the area. He added that the crowd was moving towards the stalls and restaurants where the explosion took place.

Jawed also confirmed that 3 Rangers personnel lost their lives in the attack while 5 were injured. He lauded the performance of his Rangers adding that if the attacker had gained access to the parade area the results could have been much worse.

Intelligence Report

Intelligence sources have confirmed they issued an alert regarding a possible attack at the Wagah border crossing. According to sources, they had intercepted intelligence to the effect last night (Saturday).

Intelligence sources have also confirmed that Wagah border authorities were informed about the threat alert.

Sources have also confirmed that security at the Wagah border had been increased and two new check posts had also been established.

No parades at Wagah Border for 3 days: DG Indian Border Security Forces

Director General Indian Border Security Forces has said that parades will not be held at Wagah Border for the next three days on the request of Pakistan.

Initially unconfirmed reports regarding the nature of the explosion had suggested that a gas cylinder exploded.

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