Veena Malik plans her comeback

LAHORE: In a recent interview with Roznama Express, actor Veena Malik revealed that she will soon make her comeback in the entertainment industry.

The actor who now resides in Dubai revealed that she had decided to temporarily leave the industry in order to spend time with her husband and newborn son.

“I am constantly being approached for multiple film and television projects but I have not agreed to any of them yet,” said Malik.

She added, “I never make any decision without proper planning and homework. And now, apart from being an actor and model, I also have the additional responsibility of being a wife and a mother.”

Malik assured that she will soon be returning to Pakistan and will be participating in a host of showbiz activities.

Elaborating further on her comeback, she said, “It is heartening to see that the quality of films being made in Pakistan has improved and my husband and I plan on starting a production house very soon.”

Malik, who has also starred in several Bollywood films, stated that she is also in talks to being cast in another film and may have to go to India after her trip to Pakistan. She revealed that apart from showbiz, she will be actively involved in social activities to give back to the society.

The controversial star who gave birth to a baby boy, Abram Khan Khattak last year, said that she is thankful to the Almighty for blessing her with such a beautiful child.

The news about Malik’s return to the entertainment industry comes as a surprise, as earlier last year, she had announced her retirement from the industry after marrying Dubai-based Pakistani businessman Asad Bashir Khan.

“As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, I will continue to engage in any project which aims for welfare or social development. But I will not be part of any new films from here onwards,” asserted Malik.

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