US drone strike kills 4 suspected militants in N Waziristan

PESHAWAR: At least four suspected militants were killed when a US drone targeted a vehicle in Shawal Tehsil of North Waziristan Agency, near the Afghan border, late on Monday.
According to intelligence sources two missiles were fired by the unmanned aircraft which hit the vehicle, destroying it completely. They further said that several drones were reportedly flying over the border of North and South Waziristan Agency in Shawal valley since evening.
About the possible targets hit in the strike, the sources said that information is being collected but the identity of suspected militants is yet to be ascertained.
Dattakhel and Shawal are by far the two major areas where the military is concentrating on air power to soften up the area infested by local and foreign militants.
North Waziristan is among Pakistan’s seven tribal districts near the Afghan border which are rife with insurgents and are alleged to be strongholds of Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, among others.
Drone attacks are widely unpopular across Pakistan and according to survey conducted in June last year, 66 per cent of the country’s citizens oppose these strikes.