US condemns Karachi airport attack; offers help with probe

WASHINGTON: Condemning the terrorist attack on Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, the United States on Monday offered Pakistan its help in investigating the incident on the country’s largest airport.

“(We) join the Pakistani people in condemning this attack. We have offered assistance to the relevant Pakistani authorities in investigating this crime,” Deputy Spokesperson at the State Department Marie Harf said, while wishing the injured speedy recovery and condoling with families of the victims.

Harf also told the daily briefing that there are no reports of American citizens among the casualties and all staff at the American mission is safe.

Explaining the American probe offer, she said Pakistan has a number of capabilities to handle these incidents and the US is ready to help Pakistan with the investigation.

Harf said counterterrorism is a shared concern for the US and Pakistan.

Broadly speaking, she said, Washington works closely with Pakistan in areas of counterterrorism, to help build the South Asian country’s capacity to deal with terrorist threats. She also cited the cooperative efforts by Pakistan and the US in combating terrorism along the Afghan border.

“The Pakistani people themselves have been tragically the victims of many of these terrorist attacks. So the cooperation is ongoing,” Harf noted.

Questioned about efficacy of continuing Pakistani air strikes, the spokesperson said she is not going to comment on any specific air strikes one way or another.

“The terrorist groups like the TTP should stop attacking innocent civilians,” she said and added that the militants should lay down their arms.

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