THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

It is conceivable-nay, natural and inevitable –that at this stage of the development of this “Man” the SUPREME DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that originally created this Universe in million end trillion of years with a purpose and finally ended with human eye, human ear and human brain with set a aim, creating them out of a portion of Himself and “after His own image,” throws open with a terrific Universe Quake the ETERNAL CURTAIN and burst into a UNIVERSE-WIDE HANDSHAKE with MAN greeting him with the last WELL-DONE!—the TWO SPIRITS then UNITE INTO ONE with the terrific CRASH in which the whole Universe disappears into complete nothingness-the Divine Trumpeter announcing that the PURPOSE OF CREATION HAD COME TO A SUCCESSFUL END and THE GREAT EXPERIMENT NOBLY FULFILLED!—THE TWO PORTIONS OF ONE SOUL THAT HAD SEPERATED NUMBERLESS MILLIONS OF YEARS BACK HAD AT LSAT UNITED TO BECOME ONE TILL EVERLASTING ETERNITY!

If the above is not the true and logical picture of what MUST happen some day, this world is a mockery of the joking DEVIL, an exhibition of the INSANE and a replica of the ABSURD. If this wonderful drama of the Universe is not going to end in this CERMONY, this world is a TRAVESTY OF FACT and a PARODY of TRUTH, POWER and INFINITY!

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