Two young kids die of suffocation inside locked car in Sialkot

SIALKOT: In a tragic incident, two young children died of suffocation after they got themselves locked inside a car in Sialkot, Geo News reported Wednesday.

According to a Geo News correspondent, a man named Shahzad Masih was taking home from school two young cousins, 4-year old Anush Masih, and Shamun Masih, aged 5.

They were walking towards their homes when they were offered a lift in a car by a contractor named Ikhlaq.

On their way, both the men decided to go and take a look at a nearby nullah whose one of the banks were washed away due to a flood. When they reached the site, the kids came out from the car along with them to witness the scene.

After playing there for a while the kids took the car keys, walked to the car, unlocked it and got inside. As they climbed in and closed the doors, they got locked inside with windows rolled up to the hilt.

The day was sweltering hot and the kids couldn’t unlock the doors, as the car’s switches for safety locks were also pushed on.

Lack of air in the car turned it into a death chamber as both the kids were later found dead due to suffocation.