Two Villagers killed and 3 Injured in a deadly dispute

A clash between the communities in Katcha area claims 2 lives and 3 others were injured in firing at Madeji Katcha area of Indus River in Shikarpur district along with Sukkur-Larkana-Khairpur jurisdictions.
Two villagers identified as Imtiaz Junejo of 25 and Nazal Junejo of 50 killed. While three others named Mehar Junejo, Ali Hassan Junejo and Muhammad Hassan Junejo received serious bullet injures in clash took place at village faqeer jo goth near madeji in kacha Area within the police station 20-mile on Monday early hours .
The motive behind the clash was said to be an ongoing dispute developed between the rival groups.
Six persons of both the parties were killed so for during the deadly clashes since last three years. Yet no FIR was registered till this news was flashed.
The dead bodies and the injured persons were sent to local hospital by police for conducting post marten and the medical treatment

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