Tropical Cyclone Nilofar may intensify in next 24 hours

ISLAMABAD: The intensity of Tropical Cyclone Nilofar may increase in the next 24 hours according to Meteorological Department Director Dr Mohammad Hanif.

“The tropical cyclone is 1,200 KM away from the coastal belt of Pakistan and is expected to intensify in the next 24 hours. This is currently a category 3 cyclone but may increase to category 24 by tomorrow,” Mr Hanif told Geo News.

Mr Hanif further said that currently the tropical cyclone was heading towards the coastal belt of Oman but its direction was expected to change towards the coastal belt of Pakistan tomorrow (Tuesday). “Heavy rain will take place in the coastal areas of Pakistan including Karachi during the next 2-3 days.”

The Meteorological Department Director further said that the intensity of this cyclone was not as severe as those in the past. Mohammad Hanif added that sea conditions would become rough by Wednesday as Tropical Cyclone Nilofar nears the coast of Pakistan. “The MET office has issued a warning to fishermen in the open sea to return to shore by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.”
When asked how much rain was expected, Mr Hanif replied that according to the model of the Meteorological Department, 50-150 millimetres could fall in the coastal areas. “The most rainfall is expected in the southern areas of Sindh which includes Karachi, Thatta Badin, Sajawal and Mirpurkhas.”

He added that winds of up to 100 km/hr were expected in areas where the tropical cyclone made landfall.

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