Tourism Dept shy of Journalists at Gorakh Hill Station during inauguration of Huts.

GORAKH HILL: Tourism Department shy of Journalists on the eve of inauguration of Tourists Huts Rs 32.158 million projects at Gorakh Hill station here on Saturday.
Well known print media journalists were not invited at Gorakh Hill huts inauguration by Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister for Culture and Tourism Sharmila Faruqui and senior Minister Nisar Khuhro.
Culture and Tourism Department already failed to complete the projects or doldrums due to apathy of the department, millions of Neem Tree plantation project also failed by both sides of road from down to top at Gorakh Hill.
While, total scheme allocation of Rs 999 million among eight tourist huts have been completed with a cost of Rs 25 million, whereas the construction of restaurant has been accomplished with a cost of Rs 32.158 million told officially but the local journalists were not invited to cover the event.
According to department all other components of the scheme like water supply, building structure (including police pickets), road milestones, caution boards, internal electric system, and electricity supply from Wahi Pandhi to Gorakh Hill Station, bridge, approaches and cause ways have already been completed.
It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that Sindh Cultural Festival was organized but no local media and artists invited and Culture and Tourism Department make it highly controversial at Mohen Jo Daro celebration.
Sindh Culture and Toursim Department once continue its habit to keep away mainly print media journalists at inauguration of Gorakh hill huts on the occasion.

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