Top hairdos straight from Cannes red carpet

New Delhi: From Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai`s soft blown out waves to English model Cara Delevingne`s beach waves, the annual Cannes International Film Festival turned out to be a feast for fashionistas.
Celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo has drawn a list of the best red carpet hairstyles spotted at the recently concluded film fest in France:
* Cara Delevingne’s beach waves: She is an expert at finding fashion’s playful side and striking a natural balance between show-stopping glamour and youthful flirtation. The British socialite looked amazing with her blonde locks clipped to the side and tousled into sexy beach waves cascading over her strapless shimmering gold dress.

* Sonam Kapoor’s retro faux bob: Sonam`s sleek vintage waves were sculpted into a perfect faux bob. Sonam kept all eyes on her as she sashayed down the red carpet in a stunning voluptuous vintage gown that was all about drama and sophistication. Her red lips were the perfect finishing touch.

* Rosie Huntington-Whiteley`s sleek sculpted princess waves: She looked like a princess on her way to a fairy tale ball. She flaunted beautifully sculpted glossy blonde waves tumbling over her iced blue princess gown. Her hair was side parted and swept off the face to highlight her stunning features.

* Blake Lively’s retro voluminous low bun: Never too scared to experiment with different looks, the actress always looks flawless with her hair up or down, sleek or tousled. The hair guru selected her retro voluminous low bun for its sophistication and old-school Hollywood glamour.

* Aishwarya Rai’s soft blown out waves: Aishwarya kept her hair simple and beautiful. Her locks were blown out into soft waves that showcased her beautiful glossy thick hair. Oozing glamour, her soft chestnut locks framed her face perfectly and contrasted with the white beaded figure-hugging fishtail gown.

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