Waheed Phulpoto
One businessman and his two friends were kidnapped by some unidentified bandits from Shikarpur on Friday night.
The businessman Muzaffar Ali soomro 27, accompanied by his two friends named Syed Kashif Shah 23 and Javeed Mangi 35, residents of Kila Kafila Shikarpur went to one local CNG Pump service near bypass road Shikarpur to fill the CNG in his Mehrancar but they all three persons did not returned to their homes after getting the CNG filled in their car till late night.
According to sultan kot police the ill-fated car was recovered by them from Zarkhail link road near village Qazi Patti in the morning while following the foot prints of the kidnappers.
According to Ifitikhar Ali Soomro the brother of businessman Muzaffar Ali Soomro the where about of his kidnapped brother and his friends could not be known till now, despite the police had engaged their efforts in search of the kidnappers. However no any recovery of the kidnappees was reported till Saturday evening.

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