The Magnificent ‘S’: Besides ‘S@x and SRK’, Sunny too sells in Bollywood

MUMBAI: Just a few years back there use to be a saying in tinsel town exclaiming that only sex and SRK sell in Bollywood. But now with the advent of Sunny in the Indian showbiz all the equations seem to be getting redefined all the way.

Although Sunny’s advent in the Indian showbiz didn’t receive a very warm response with cine flicks like Jism 2 and Jackpot sinking untraced at BO. But with the passage of time her charisma seems to be captivating the psyche of masses. And the aforementioned fact is once again proved by the reception which one of the deleted raunchy sequences of her recently released ‘Ragini MMS 2’ has received on Youtube.

Reportedly, the video which was dropped from the flick due its high explicit value, but was subsequently unveiled by Ekta’s Balaji Motion Picture on March 28 i.e. soon-after the release of the movie has crossed the 5 lakh views mark in just 18 days.

In this carnal delight available on Youtube, Sunny can be seen giving her fans a glimpse of her prurient side while flaunting her super hot bod, with movies chart topping aural spectacular “Baby Doll” running in the background.

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