The flags of Insurgency

By: Zahid Hussain Mirani

Almost 66 decades have gone but the situation has not yet been controlled by the Pakistani government since its inception. Neighbour states have brought their territories at the peak of development but Pakistan is nothing gained as yet, however; its nuclear power even cannot save the innocent flower-like children. A series of terrorists’ attacks on security forces and civilians shows the failure of state to run the business smoothly.
The defence policies of this country seem at the lowest ebb that in the presence of security guards at the Shahbaz Air Base Karachi and old Airport Karachi are eye opener incidences to measure the capacity of Pakistani defence department. Such other incidences are more than enough to scale up the power and intelligence of military and security agencies.
Zarb-e-Azab gave nothing any fruitful result to the nation, however; against that many mothers lost the smiling faces of their innocent children in the brutal attacks in the Peshawar attack. Soon after that Peshawar attack military chief and Prime Minister decided to be an avenger to revenge of the innocent face who lost their lives for nothing.
Drones are being hammered by the US army in the northern belt of Pakistan to remove the al militant groups from there, however; in fact their attacks are ignite the militant groups to be more vibrant and reluctant against Pakistani military. History reveals that dominance never gives you any fruitful result if it has made a toll to impose decisions upon people unwillingly.
The waves of these terrorists’ attacks are inevitable to be happened in the other provinces of Pakistan. In Sindh it has already been exercised in district Jacobabad and Shikarpur. The case of Sindh is little different from the northern belt of Pakistan where national movements are geared from the very first day of inception of Pakistan. Separatists nationalists do intend to have an independent state of Sindh where they can live in peace and prosperity as the Pakistani state could not water the promise of 1940 resolution.
G.M Syed the chief of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) wrestled for a separate state from Pakistan and after his demise the same chapter of separate Sindh was carried out by his successor Saheed Bashir Khan Qureshi. It is said that Shaheed Bashir Khan Qureshi was killed by Pakistani intelligence to silence the voice of the Sindhi people for separate land. Sindh nationalist parties are still beyond to be a separated from Pakistani state. They do not have roots in masses, however; it is an illusion yet.
It is said 21st amendment in constitution to establish military courts will ignite more insurgents in Baluchistan and Sindh, however; that may be but state has no threats from Sindh province as compared to Baluchistan. A number of nationalists’ parties are struggling for single territory and most of them are merely working for in a true manner. A little number of people supports them; it is because common people are engaged to earn a single loaf of meal to survive. Poverty ridden people do not intend and even interested in these separatists movements.

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