The film Project Ghazi to release on 14th July 2017

KARACHI: The trailer for Project Ghazi is full of suspense, as it follows the stories of a few soldiers, who were handpicked for the project ‘Ghazi’. These soldiers exhibit strange symptoms, such as extraordinary intelligence, super strength, super speed and more.

Talking to The Pioneer lead actor Humayun Saeed said that there is no  competition with Hollywood and Bollywood but we are making different low cost films in Pakistan and this is new era, the golden or Diamond Jublee films was the past analysis so that there are several options for the entertainment including internet, TV and home cinemas etc.

The trailer largely focuses on Sheheryar Munawar, who plays the role of Major Zain, one of the soldiers from the project Ghazi.

Humayun Saeed is the enigmatic and experienced leader called Salar.

Also featured in the trailer is Syra Shahroz. She plays the role of Zara Iftikhar, an investigative scientist, who is trying to solve the mystery behind the superpowers of these soldiers.

Of course, like any good movie, the villain is an evil scientist, who is after the same soldiers. Played by Adnan Jaffar, Qataan is part of the team that created project Ghazi and later went rogue.

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