Thari people vulnerable to another worst drought and several issues

Dileep Doshi Lohano
THARPARKAR: In the result of devastation caused by drought and its chronic effect the rate of suicide cases increased in Tharparkar, land grabbers mafia is encroaching land because of increasing value of land after work started on Thar coal, Thari people are vulnerable to another worst drought; shared speakers in a a public gathering here organized under the banner of ‘’People’s Voice’’ in front of Press Club Chachro.
In the result of increased poverty and chronic droughts affects situation in Tharparkar is getting worst and people have no choice other than committing suicide shared a social activist Jan Mohammad Samoo. He referred a research conducted by AWARE that in 2014 so far 31 persons committed suicide in Tharparkar District, due to poverty and domestic violence, including 10 men, 18 women and 3 children.
The said research reveals that the domestic violence and the repercussions of bad socioeconomic conditions are affecting women badly and that is why the number of women committing suicide is very high. Two women jumped into the dug wells along their babies, he further added that due to no rainfall till yet, it is difficult for Thari people to survive their livestock is also perishing. Political activist Qamaruldin Rahimoon said that, land mafia is active to encroach plats by using religion and caste aspects after land of Tharparkar has got value by exploring the coal mining.
On the occasion woman activist Fatima Sand added that, in suicide cases number of women is high, government should open eyes to take action to resolve the matter of Thari people, she further told that, the ruling party in Sindh has got vote in the name of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto but here Thari women are dying and no one is taking care of them. She urged Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to take notice and take measures to cushion the hardships of suffering women of Thar.
Social Activist Gotam Rathi spoke that, only a single week is remaining to 15th of August, if it’s not raining till that, drought will be declared, and even government has not done any kind of survey to make Thar Drought Policy yet.

Youth activist Anwar Bajeer told that, TMO Chachro has almost 17 million budgets per month, but Municipality have done nothing in the city, we demand from higher authorities to get inquiry commission on it.
Ravi Shanker told that, Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant are not permanent solution for save drinking water, but people of tharparkar should be given pure drinking water from nearest branch of the River Sindh.
Youth activist Mamtaz Rahimoon told that, last year media played active role in previous drought condition, and government done nothing expect announcements.
Journalist Ilyas Rind added that, education department use to release SMC fund in the month of June for repairing and educational equipment but this year SMC fund are not released yet.
On the occasion Dilawar Rahimoon, Haji Jearo, Nelesh Kumar, Mahesh Khatri, John Poll, Zarina Chandio, Reejho Meghwar, Noorjahan and other shared their opinion.