Terrorism, sectarianism cannot be eliminated through condemnations: Khan

SHIKARPUR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that innocent people belonging to sects are being brutally murdered on a consistent basis.

Speaking to the media after offering condolences at the Shikarpur imambargah, the PTI chairman said that terrorism and sectarianism are diseases that cannot be eliminated through condemnations.

He added that terrorism can neither be overcome by only using military operations and that everyone will have to work on all levels to succeed.

Khan also said that terrorist activities in different parts of the country will each have to be treated in a different manner to overcome the challenge.

He further said that the police force in Sindh has been destroyed by politicising it and that if the government itself is controlling the police in the wrong manner then how could the force work efficiently against terrorists.

The PTI chief added that the police stations are well aware of the areas where there is widespread sectarianism hatred and violence.

He also said that people are scared to come out on to the streets due to kidnapping and insecurity during the evening in the province.

Earlier today, Khan arrived at the Shikarpur imambargah to condole with the families of the blast victims.

Khan offered Fateha for the deceased and also inquired about the progress regarding investigations of the probe team.

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi was also present on the occasion.

63 people were killed and 80 injured in the blast during prayers at the imambargah on January 30.

Waheed Phulpoto
SHIKARPUR: The PTI Chairman Imran Khan accompanied by Mukhdom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Madam Naz Baloch, Khalid Jakhrani and other PTI leaders visited Shikarpur on Thursday evening.

During his short visit of central Imambargah where he offered fateha and expressed condolence with the victim family members on said demise of their relatives martyred in the suicide bomb blast attack occurred in Central Imambargah Masjid on 30th Jan: 2015.

The PTI Chairman while expressing his solidarity with the victims offered to extend his full support and co-operation towards the acceptance of their demands presented before the government of Sindh. While he expressed his great anger over the failure to detect the case of Shikarpur disaster when according to him Sindh government was enjoying many legal resources to discover the faces of the terrorist elements.

However Imran Khan also offered his party support in connection with the long march scheduled to be launched for acceptance of the demands made by Shuhada committee.

Earlier, the activists of Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf (PTI) took out a rally from Imambargah to Lakhi Gate Clock Tower Chowk in protest against the Shikarpur disaster and welcome the PTI Chairman Imran Khan when he reached at Shikarpur.


SHIKARPUR: Speaking at a press conference held at Soomra House of Ifitikhar Ahmed Soomro here.
The PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that the Shikarpur incident was not a first time but five times before such incidents of suicide bomb blast attacks occurred in Shikarpur before this fresh incident but he regretted that Sindh government badly failed to overcome such attacks.
He said that the suicide attack in Shikarpur was an act of targeted terrorist attack in Shikarpur aimed at destroying the peace and calm not in Shikarpur but in whole of the country where such attacks were occurred in different places of the country. But he accused the Sindh government in the province of Sindh particularly as well as Nawaz league government in Punjab and Baluchistan government in the province of Baluchistan for destroying the peace while utilizing for meeting the political and victimization purpose instead of providing legal protection of lives, honour and property to the people of their provinces.
He said and added that how the people could avail the proper security when the police was used by the elected representatives for meeting their political ulterior motives.
He therefore called for the Sindh government particularly and the rulers of other provinces as well as federal government should deploy the police to discharging their proper duties to ensure the peace and calm which was the prime responsibility of the police to provide security to the people.
Replying to a question the PTI Chairman said that he had never attended any meeting of the terrorist at any place in his province or other place. While terrorism is a dangers disease which could be cured while adopting the solid policies to uproot the curse of terrorism which creating the sectarian and ethnics violence and religious terrorism which could not be brought to end by Army action until the people of tribal areas were not prepared to extend co-ordination and co-operation to the government.
Replaying to another question Mr. Khan said that the MQM and PPPP were trying to remain in power while misguiding and creating hatred between the party workers as well as to mislead the people belonging to Sindhi, Pakhtoon, Urdu and other languages sections to meet the political as well as individual aims and objects.
Replying to another question he expressed his said and grief over the killing of near to 300 innocent persons in Baldia Town fire incident which was the anti-humanity action which could not be forgotten. He demanded the severe action against the culprits involved in Baldia Town incident and to award the sentence of death to such responsibles who had created the incident on the denial of fulfilling the illegal demand of extortion from the factory managements.
To another question he said that he did not feel any fear of life if he will organize any public meeting in Karachi or at other places in the province of Sindh because of he was making his out efforts for well being of the masses while according to him PTI public meetings were organized three times in Karachi and other parts of the interior Sindh.
However he advised the democratic minded and patriotic people belonging to MQM separated in order to provide welfare facilities to the people of Karachi as well as the other cities and towns in Sindh.
While there were many self-fish and terrorist minded people were seemed busy in their anti human activities.

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