Syed Ali Geelani house arrested in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani was placed under house arrest on Thursday a day after Pakistani flag was waved and slogans in its favour were chanted at a rally taken out to welcome the Hurriyat leader, according to Indian media reports.

On Wednesday, a rally was taken out as a show of solidarity and strength against Indian occupation and to welcome Hurriyat leader Ali Geelani on his return from New Delhi.

Musarat Alam, another Hurriyat leader, bore and waved the flag of Pakistan as he cheered for his leader Syed Ali Geelani.

A number of attendees, including Musarat Alam, were rounded up for chanting slogans in Pakistan’s favour and waving its flag in the air.

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Ali Geelani said Kashmir issue is an internationally recognized dispute, terming it a tripartite issue.

He said India continues to maintain an illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and asked Mufti Saeed to announce that Kashmir is not an integral part of India.

The Hurriyat leader also issued a call for protest across the valley for coming Friday.

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