Swiss Council General Inaugurates training program at KUJ Hall in KPC

Sameer Nazir
The Swiss Council General Mr.Emill Wyss along with his team inaugurate the Capacity building Program of Journalists at Karachi Press Club in Karachi Union of Journalists Hall organized by Council for Participatory Development.

The introductory remarks given by prominent Journalist of KUJ, Mr.Sajid Aziz, Who stressed on training and refresher courses of journalists in order to polished their Journalistic skills.

In inaugural address Mr.Wyss said, We believe media is one of the major pillars which can influence society, ensure Transparency and strengthen the true democratic values in country, for this purpose capacity building of media person is inevitable. We strongly believe that the Media in Pakistan is striving for the rights of common man and will become the “Agent of Social Change”.He also shared experiences and practices of sustainable development in Switzerland.

While the Ms.Bilquis Rehman, Social Development Consultant said,we believes in strong coordination between all institutions of society for that we are striving to create spaces to bring together all stakeholders on the agenda of sustainable development. In this regards we have planned a Seminar on the subject of “Understanding Media Role in Sustainable Development” in which we will build capacity of Media Personnel to understand Perspective of sustainable development which is necessary for the Media to enhance their knowledge so they could be able to highlight issues of major concerns which affect process of development.

The Closing remarks is given by the Secretary General of PFUJ,Mr.Amin Yousuf who assure his full support for the cause of Objective journalism, The other KUJ office bearers are KUJPresident,G.M Jamali, General Secretary KUJ,Wajid Raza Asphani,Mr.Zaheer Khan,Hassan Abbas and Others.
About Council for Participatory Development; is making all possible efforts for Media Capacity building. The Council is a not for profit organization established in 2007 and working with the mission to ensure equal rights to all citizen of society. Our approach is to involve all segment of society in the process of development through networking and capacity building so they can better perform their role in bringing positive change.