Jam Mehtab Dahar, the Health Minister of Sindh along with Secretary Health (SH) Dr Saeed Ahmed Magnejo, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Shikarpur Hadi Bux Zardari visited Shikarpur District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital Shikarpur on Saturday early hours.
Health Minister Jam Mehtab Dahar directed to Medical Superintendent (MS) District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital Shikarpur Dr Meer Muhammad Bhayo to provide best health facilities to the poor patients and no any complaint tolerant in this regard.
Minister further said and added that within one week Hepatitis vaccine will provided to District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital while Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur Hadi Bux Zardari will provide 0.2 million medicines from special grant and 0.5 million medicines will provide from Zakat Department. Several official of the District Shikarpur were also present on the occasion.
Visit of Minister Health

Environmnet day celeberated

The World Environment Day was celebrated by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) and District Education Department here at different Schools of Shikarpur with prime aim to stimulate awareness among students regarding environment issues on Saturday.
Awareness walk started from Government Primary School Jamra to Indus Highway took place to raise the awareness about the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives.
The walk was attended by Education officials, teachers and students of different Schools of Shikarpur and big number citizens.
Addressing on the occasion Maqbool Ahmed Laghari District Manager (ITA) said that we can solve the environmental issues by implementing some simple positive environmental actions as well as to make aware common public in particular students that everyone is responsible for saving his / her environment.
On the occasion trees were also planted by student club members and participants at different locations and schools. “Trees and forests are, in fact, the factories of oxygen production and are vital for fighting carbon dioxide. Green vegetation plays an important role in enabling human being to live a healthy life on earth, trees have significant importance in human lives” participants expressed their views cleanliness activities also took place, student club members from (ITA) partner Schools collected plastic bags and other garbage items and dumped it properly.
Sessions were delivered to students regarding the significance of this very important day, our steps for protecting environment today can guaranty our future, for this children have to fight on fore-front, it’s the question of their survival, keep clean the atmosphere whether it is school, home, play grounds and everywhere avoid usage of plastic bags, stop cutting trees, plant as many trees as you can these were the messages that were delivered to children for motivating them. The cleanliness activities will continue whole week.


Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) took out a protest demonstration rally against unannounced, prolonged power outages and unannounced load shedding of Sui Gas which was started from Lakhi Gate clock tower which marched through various roads culminated at Press Club Shikarpur on Saturday.
Rally was led by District President Shikarpur Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) Allama Abu Al Raza Habib Ahmed Qadri.
Speaking on the occasion Allama Abu Al Raza Habib Ahmed Kardi has said that citizens of Shikarpur are facing several hardships due to unannounced power outages, tripping, prolonged load shedding and unannounced load shedding of Sui Gas.
He said and added that our civic life has destroyed and due to power outages, tripping domestic equipments including Deepfreeze, fans, Electric Bulb, Motors and other electric equipments are burnt.
Mushtaque Ahmed Hussaini, Eijaz Ahmed Qadri and Fareed Ahmed Unar were also spoke.
Allama Abu Al Raza Habib Ahmed Kardi has demanded of the concerned authorities to take notice of the matter otherwise they threatened to accelerate their protest circle.
On the occasion protesters were burnt tires and chanting slogans against WAPDA and SSGC authorities concerned.


Talpur Foundation Pakistan has demanded immediate release of Mir Hyder Talpur of Hyderabad from false, biased and unfounded cases in which he was implicated on political grounds. Addressing news conference at press club here the office bearers of TFP Mir Amanullah Talpur, Mir Zafrullah Talpur, Mir Noor Muhammad Talpur of Mirpurkhas, Mir Munsaf,Mir Chakar Talpur of Khairpur, Mir Allahdino, Mir Sadiq of Sukkur, Mir Gulzar, Mir Manzoor of Dadu, Mir Noor Ahmed, Mir Muhammad, Mir Suhobat of Badin,Mir Allah Bux, Mir Akhtiar of Tando Allahyar, Mir Adeel, Nawab Muzamil of Matiari, Mir Bahadur, Mir Wali Muhammad of Sanghar,Mir Zahir Zaman, Mir Shah Jehan of Dera Ghazi Khan and Mir Ali Ahmed, Mir Qaiser, Mir Ashraf, Mir Babu and Mir Nafees of Hyderabad Mir Hyder has been made victim of artificial, unfounded and biased cases filed by police on behest of politicians which has tarnished his political image. They said Mir Hyder has always proved outspoken, and sympathizer of poor and destitute.He belongs to such Talpur family which produced leader like Mir Rasool Bux (former governor)Mir Ali Ahmed (former federal minister) his father and that he himself had remained on federal and provincial important posts including advisor in Sindh cabinet. They made appeal to chief justice,chief of army staff and prime minister to take notice of illegal imprisonment of Mir Hyder and by doing justice order his release.


The World Environment Day 2015 was observed here on Friday where alike other parts of country, different organizations organized seminar and discussion on the Environment issues and its solution. The discussion on “Seven Billion Dreams – One Planet – Consume with Care” was organized by SEARCH, PILER, HANDS, CEAD on Friday at HANDS office, Hyderabad.
Speaking on the occasion, experts urged government to take appropriate measures for cope with environmental and natural changes causing the loss of 6 per cent GDP to overall national economy in Pakistan.Executive Director, CEAD, Nasir Panhwer said that the challenges of environment emerged despite government had capacity to cope with it.In addition to this, it had devised strategy and policy in accordance with international Protocols and conventions but it did not implement any policy so far, he said.
After 18th amendments, the ministry of environment has been devolved to province and now the province has to make their policy to resolve the standing environment, he said.It is unfortunate that the Sindh government is far beyond in taking measures in resolving the issues of environment as the loss of 6 per cent is occurring to National economy while about 15 per cent of GDP to Sindh provincial economy, he said.The environment is multi-sectorial subject where each department inter-related with it, such as forestry, agriculture have to play a role in this regards, he added.
Manager PILER, Shujauddin Qureshi said that excessive use of fertilizer, pesticide and Arial Spray caused huge damage to soil.Dr. Shoukat Ibrahim said that they should protect their soil being polluted by excessive use of pesticides which killed various insects and birds beneficial for soil,Regional HANDS, Abdul Razzak Umarani said that each person should use resources carefully because latter were valuable.
CEO SEARCH, Waheed Jamali said that they should be careful about the utilization of resources where the population was increasing while resources were declining in the country.
Earlier, the seminar was organized by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Hyderabad at Hyderabad.In-charge EPA Hyderabad, Muneer Abbasi said that there was huge pollution in Pakistan which was the country of 200 million.It is due to deforestation which rose the temperature in the country, he said adding we have to play our role in protection of environment.