Summer tips: How to take care of your hair!

Summer season means summer vacation with lots of outing. During summer season we take immense care of our skin to avoid tanning, but often tend to neglect our hair. Like our skin, our hair too suffer from sun effects.

Here are some tips to take care of our hair during summer season:

Avoid cosmetics
Avoid having any hair treatment and using chemical products during the hot season as the hair often gets damaged and dries up due to summer heat.

Do not colour your hair during summer as it tends to spoil the hair quality.

Use conditioner
Use conditioner to protect your hair and retain moisture, smooth and silky hair. One should get a conditioner that suits your hair type. You can also try natural deep conditioning treatment once in a week to get extra moisture into your hair.

One should not shampoo their hair everyday as too much of shampoo can dry up the scalp and hair as well. Go for mild shampoo if you sweat more on the scalp and if your hair gets greasy and sweaty easily.

Avoid heat
As the heat reaches its peak during summer season, avoid using hair dryer, styling iron and curlers as they can damage the hair.

Trim them
Hair is always dry during the summer season and lots of split ends and dry tips of it can be seen. One should always go for small trim as this will bring back life to your hair. Summer is the best time to get a hair cut.

Care for coloured hair
One should take extra care if you have coloured hair as this can lead to colour fading and excessive hair dryness.

Control frizz
Summer heat makes the hair dry and frizzy so one should always tie up the hair to control it from being too frizzy. Keeping hair tied up also reduces sweating.

Protect from Sun
Do not expose your hair to the sun. Always use a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from heat as this will provide extra UV protection and also helps your scalp to retain moisture.