Sujawal faces water scarcity and basic amenities

Agha Zulfiqar
There is a serious shortage of potable water and the people are forced to use unhygienic water from the dilapidated conditions of pumping machines or out of order for a long here in city deprived of basic human facilities even though Sujawal recently has given the status of a district.
According to the reports, Local government local government Sujawal heights are forced to live in miserable life, as one side the sun is beating down hard and on the other despite of so many annual funds given to the favorites.
There is an acute shortage of pure drinking water, while people are forced to use unhygienic water every nook and corner due to that chances are acute diseases might be spread. The department is reluctant to look back the deprived public of Sujawal.
It is the height of ignorance by the local government officers and failures that among four water pumping machines and other devices sent to Hyderabad for repair and maintenance but nobody is bothered to bring them back, which results people are forces to use unhygienic water for a month.
The civil society and the people of Sujawal have made so many complaints TMO and routinely not available in his office several time till today.

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