Sugar mills’ cartel put million dollars exports under threat – PBCMA

Sugar mills’ cartel put million dollars exports under threat – PBCMA

Sameer Nazir
The Pakistan Biscuits and Confectionary Manufacturers Association (PBCMA) has demanded of the government to withdraw the 40 per cent duty on import of sugar besides withdrawimg Rs13 per kg rebate on its export to bring this commodity at the level of fair competition.
Raees Ahmed, Senior Vice Chairman, (PBCMA), said in a statement that in spite of significant decline in prices of sugar in international market, the sugar manufacturers are fast losing their export markets as they have become uncompetitive due to unjust import duty and rebate structure respectively on sugar import and export. Moreover the benefit of reduction of prices of sugar has not been passed on to the poor domestic and industrial consumers because of huge tariff protection provided by the government to the sugar industry which is completely against the concept of fair and free competition. He also showed his dismay over the Competition Commission of Pakistan for not taking notice of the situation.
This state of affairs has given the sugar manufacturers the opportunity to monopolize the market of this basic commodity and also to cartelize by way of increasing the prices unilaterally by Rs10 per kg bringing the prices from Rs52 to Rs62 per kg. in less than a short period of time, thus rendering the industrial consumers in particular in much difficulties because of sharp increase in their production cost.
Raees Ahmed reminded that according to the decision of ECC, the subsidy on export of sugar and the increase in the import duty of this item would be withdrawn in case the local price increased by 10%. In fact the local prices have increased by more than 20%. In view of the same, he urged the government to bring the import of sugar at zero-rated and withdraw the subsidy on the export of this commodity, so that the sugar may be available to the domestic and industrial consumers at competitive prices which may be a beneficial not only to the consumers but also the sugar confectionery products would become competitive in the international market enabling this sector to save export market share for several hundred million dollars.

Pakistan is becoming the dumping ground for the computer scrap of West.

KARACHI: The first ever high profile computer hardware factory has started production in Korangi Industrial Areaon Thursday. The President Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), Zahid Saeed inaugurated the assembly plant of OneApple., Tahir Rizvi ,Regional Head (Asia Pacific)on this occasion said that this was high profile brand that would definitely compete with all major brands of the world. He demanded of the government to consider local brands and invite bids from locally manufactured I.T products in order to provide level playing field. He said that local brands are facing extreme hardship to get their brands registered in various departments of government functionaries. He said that OneApple has made investment in Pakistan when many investors were leaving from Pakistan due to law and order situation. He expressed his sheer dismay over the massive dumping of used and trash computer and IT hardware which could become a threat to our environment.
He said that his company has set up this plant in Karachi with the financial support of a Canadian and some Chinese investors. He announced to also set up mobile phones assembling plant in Karachi later on. The factory has started production of PCs, lap top and tablets, etc.
The President, KATI, Zahid Saeed said that it was a good omen that many OneApple has set up its manufacturing plant in Korangi Industrial area and brought foreign investment. He assured the management of One Apple to provide every possible help in its Endeavor.

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