students, teachers St. Mary`s School observes two-minute silence to pray for Peshawar victims


Sameer Nazir
On the directives of Health Minister Sindh Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar X-rays Films, medicines and other facilities of Laboratory have been provided to Lyari General Hospital. Provincial Minister for Health Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, while taking notice of the news that x-rays films are not available and lab tests were not being conducted, directed the Secretary Health to provide x-rays and medicines etc. to the hospital so that no patient has to suffer. Beside this Health Department spokesperson has clarified regarding news published that there is no treatment unit for the patients of the paralysis in government hospitals that in all government hospitals neuro physicians are available and all medical facilities are also being given to the patients of paralysis. He added that comprehensive steps had been taken to make environment better in government hospitals and the outcome of these measures was very good.

Shakeel Khan
SUKKUR: In a rare gesture of solidarity, the teachers and schoolchildren on Thursday also observed a two-minute silence to pray for the victims of Tuesday’s terror attack in which Taliban gunmen systematically killed 132 students at an Army Public school in Peshawar.
Hundreds of children sporting black bands stood in silence, many of them carrying placards expressing solidarity with the people of Pakistan.
“We are protesting against the Taliban attack in Peshawar where schoolchildren lost their lives. All of us are saddened because we are also students and we share their pain and grief,” said Ms Fatima Zahara, a student from Saint Mary`s High School Sukkur.
At a majority of public and private schools in the northern Sindh, the second day also began with special prayers during the assembly to commemorate the victims of the attack.
Students also adorned the black- and whiteboards in their classrooms with condolence messages and drawings.
The young students prayed for the departed souls of those who were made victims of a senseless massacre. They prayed for the victims, their families and for themselves – traumatised by the events of the previous day.
Miss Shamim, a teacher at Saint Mary`s High School, echoed similar sentiments. She told APP that she feels a responsibility to tell her students that education is the only answer to this violence and extremism and that they can contribute towards the betterment of the society by excelling in their education and life.
“In these turbulent times, the teachers have an increased responsibility to guide their students who are shocked, traumatised and will probably be unable to register their sentiments and anguish,” said Miss Jennet.
Moreover, Saeed Ali Shah, a student of the Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (Suk- IBA), was third best business school in the Pakistan, students who held a candlelight vigil on Thursday evening. He believed that the issue of terrorism and security situation in the country that affects all Pakistanis needs to be addressed through a critical debate in the society towards seeking a permanent solution.

Demand to ban all terrorist, militant organizations HBWWF, NTUF hold demo to pay homage to Peshawar martyrs, demand end to all discriminatory laws

KARACHI: To condemn the massacre of innocent students of Peshawar, Home Based Women Worker Federation (HBWWF) and National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) held a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Thursday.
A large number of home-based women workers, labors related to different industries, political and social activists and students attended the demo. Holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans like “Red salute to Peshawar martyrs”, “Taliban are the Zaliman”, “How is responsible for the blood of children”, they chanted slogans against Taliban.
On the occasion, issuing a joint declaration, HBWWF and NTUF said the Peshawar tragedy has shaken the foundation of whole society, and it is condemned in the strongest words. This is not just an attack on schoolchildren, but an assault on our traditions, culture, social and moral values. It is a bid to push the society back towards dark ages. However, the labors, peasants, women, minorities, students, youth, and democratic, progressive, revolutionary and pro-humanity forces would foil this conspiracy. The Peshawar tragedy was the continuation of the terrorism of last four decades. The State, military governments, American imperialism, and reactionary regimes of the region have played a criminal role to strengthen these terrorist forces. However, the innocent citizens of Pakistan are paying a heavy price for it in shape of their lives, and the whole region is facing political, social and economic instability. The carnage of innocent boy and girl students in Peshawar school has diverted the attention of not only the country but the whole world that if serious steps were not taken to stop these terrorists, they would create even more dangers for the world.
To tackle the terrorist organizations in Pakistan and their insane narrative it is necessary that the State and its institutions, especially its secret agencies should disown all religious organizations, armed groups, and safe heavens working in the garb of seminaries and take action against them and their organizational and financial supporters. A state and government policy which considers a few extremist organizations and armed groups beneficial for the state, cannot develop a progressive, democratic and liberal society and nor could give it peace. Therefore, it is necessary to think that only military operation is no solution to the issue, but it is also necessary to make fundamental changes in constitution and laws on the basis of democratic values. All militant organizations working in Pakistan should be banned and their centers closed that are involved in terrorist activities inside and outside the country, particularly in the neighboring countries. All seminaries should be brought into the orbit of law and the educational system should be modernized on scientific lines and purged from all ideas based on hatred, discrimination and reactionary thoughts. The American hegemonic policies be ended in the region that are responsible for the ongoing bloodbath and Pakistan should distance it from these policies.
Those spoke included central deputy general secretary NTUF Nasir Mansoor, HBWWF general secretary Zehra Khan, Saira Feroz, Pakistan Workers Confederation central vice president Rafiq Baloch, NTUF Sindh general secretary Riaz Abbasi, Workers Rights Movement leader Gul Rehman, Balida Factory Fire Affectees Association leader Muhammad Jabbir, Communist Party of Pakistan leader Comrade Rasheed, Railway Mazdoor Union leader Muqadir Zaman, PIA labir leader Tauqeer Nasir, JKPNF leader Comrade Sultan Mehmood, Sindh Agriculture General Workers Union leader Mushtaq Ali Shan, DSF leader Saqib Khursheed and others.
Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Two people were killed and three others sustained injuries in the firing of two groups of Jagirani and Mugheri tribe near Sirai Wah on Thursday in the jurisdiction of Taluka Police Station.
According to reports: armed men of Mugheri and Jagirani community exchanged firs on each other at Gulan ji Garhi near Sirai Wah Kamber road resulting Tharo Khan Jagirani and Liaqat Ali Mugheri were killed on the spot and leaving three others injured in the limits of Taluka Police Station, the injured and dead bodies were shifted to CMC Hospital emergency ward Larkana where injured were identified as Police cop Qurban Ali Jagirani and Latif Jagirani , the dead bodies were handed over their heirs after the autopsy.

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Crime rate rise in Larkana unidentified armed men shot dead a man inside his home on offering resistance during the robbery here at Sachal Colony Larkana on Thursday early morning .
According to details scores of known armed men barged into the house of chief ten of Shutto community Warah Ali Anwar Shutto in the locality of Sachal Colony Larkana, on the occasion armed men made hostage to all family members and attempted to loot the house on the resistance, armed men opened fires on Ali Anwar Shutto resulting he died on the spot in the jurisdiction of Sachal Police station, Police shifted the dead body to CMC Hospital and after medico legal formalities, dead body was handed over to relatives of deceased.

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Naujawan Khichi Ithad Sindh Balochistan has warned to Sindh government and Police to recover the kidnapped man of his community within 4 days , otherwise provincial wide protest will be carried out from 23 December 2014 for his safe recovery, addressing the press conference at Larkana Press Club on Thursday Sardar Hubdar Hussain Khichi along with heirs of abducted man among Madad Ali Khichi, Sikandar Ali Khichi, Raza Ali Khichi, social activist Dr Nabi Dino Buledi said that Police have failed to find the clue of kidnapped man and reluctant to register the FIR of incident.
Sardar Hubdar Khichi told that on 11 December 2014 Primary Teacher Abdul Sattar Khichi was coming to Larkana city from his village Ghoghari in way to Larkana few unidentified armed men kidnapped him along with his servant Asghar Ali Bhatti in the jurisdiction of Taluka Police Station Larkana, despite of passing reasonable time Police have not lodged their FIR of kidnapping of their men.
They demanded of PPP Co chairman Asif Ali Zardari, MNA Faryal Talpur, CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah to take notice matter and ensure the safe recovery of their men, otherwise Khichi community in Sindh will start protest movement.


Waheed Phulpoto
Shikarpur, Dec 18: A van driver and cleaner kidnapped by some group of armed men while police encounter occurred, police recovered vegan driver but dacoits kidnapped vegan cleaner on Indus highway Khanpur within the jurisdiction of Naparkot police station on Wednesday late night.
According to reports a passenger vegan coming from Quetta to Peshawar on Indus highway Khanpur some group of armed men intercepted to vegan and vegan driver Sikandar Hayat van cleaner Waheed Ullah kidnapped them suddenly CIA police shikarpur and patrolling police Napar kot reached on spot then erupted exchange of firing.
As a result dacoits left the van driver Sikandar Hayat and kidnapped van cleaner Waheed Ullah the dacoits managed to flee from scene along with kidnapped cleaner Waheed Ullah.
Later on CIA In-charge Allan Khan Abbassi told to media, dacoits managed to flee from place of incident taking benefit of darkness he further said that FIR was registered in Naparkot police station and I am still in Napar kot katcha area for recovery of kidnapped cleaner. Further police investigation into the matter.

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