STEVTA employees stage protest demo against Privatization

G.R Gorar
A large number of employees of Sindh Technical and Vocational Training Authority ( STEVTA) Larkana on protest given All Sindh Employees Technical Education Association Larkana region staged protest, took out rally and locked all institutions including Poly Technical College, government Commercial Business institute, Vocational institutes of Larkana and Regional Director STEVTA office in protest against the privatization of STEVTA here on Thursday.
The rally was led by Mureed Khakhrani, Rustam Ali Abro, Gada Hussain Soomro, Muhammad Paryal Bughio and others, rally started from RD STEVTA office jail road, which marching through various roads culminated outside the Larkana Press Club.
Protesting employees of STEVTA Larkana were holding the banners and placards inscribed with slogans, demanding the withdrawal of anti employees policy.
Talking to media men Mureed Khakhrani informed that former Managing Director STEVTA Sindh had signed the MoU with CEO Sindh Rural Support Program hand over the all institutions of STEVTA Sindh to SRSO for 5 years under the Public Private Partnership ( PPP).
He said that under well organized conspiracy anti employee’s agreement were made but employees will continue their struggles for the rights of employees and save the STEVTA.

G.R Gorar
LARKANA: Former Senator and General Secretary JUI Sindh Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro has said that Madarsas are centers of peace and tranquility, no any religious school or Madarsa is providing the training of terrorism, ban on Madarsas meant to please the anti Islam forces, who are spending millions dollars dismember the Muslims unity, he expressed these views while addressing the mammoth public gathering at Jinah Bagh Chok on Thursday.
Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro further said that a bill passed by Sindh Assembly against the Islami Nazriyati Council is in contrary to constitution of Pakistan, serving the interest of Jews and other anti Islam elements, warned rulers to withdraw the bill, otherwise, JUI will declare war against the rulers.
He criticized on Pakistan Protection Ordinance and rejected, added that Protection Pakistan Ordinance bill is awarding license to rulers for killing innocent people and depriving the masses for struggling for their rights, which is not acceptable at any cost, he said.
Former Senator Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro addressing to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that wrong culture of Sindh is being presented on name of Sindh Festival, instead of spending millions rupees on unnecessary expenditures on photo cessions of CM and his cabinet, such money should have been spent for downtrodden people of Thar who are dieing of starvation and famine, adding that there is law and order problem, poverty, unemployment and other issues, rulers should refrain from looting public exchequer.
On the occasion Mulana Abdul Qayoom, Mufti Abdul Rahim, Dr A G Ansari, Mulana Rashid Mehmood and others addressed and strongly condemned the attack on JUI Leader Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro.
Earlier big rally was taken out from Jamia Islamia Madarsa Dodai road which marching through various road reach at Jinah Bagh where it turned into big public gathering.

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