Special courts to be setup on condition of only trying terrorists: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while addressing the Senate session on Wednesday, said that since a decade the nation was being destroyed by terrorists and currently Pakistan was going through extremely extraordinary circumstances.

The PM said that under no condition will any armed groups be allowed to operate in the country and that all such groups should consider themselves ‘banned outfits.’

He went on to say that the ongoing Zarb-e-Azb operation held its utmost importance to target and tear down terrorism at its roots and completely eliminate it. All other efforts to counter terrorism had been exhausted, hence this operation was the only option.

He said that not only are all the political parties on the same page but the whole nation as well to wake up to the menace of growing terrorism before it’s too late.

He said that it was the appalling Peshawar attack of 16 December that triggered the go-head to form the committee for the National Action Plan. The committee completed its job in time to formulate an appropriate strategy with a 20 point agenda.

All political parties jointly decided to give go ahead for setting up special courts for a limited time period, on the condition that only terrorists will be tried in these courts, said Nawaz.

The PM further said that all actions outlined have been within the constitutional framework and the parliament was expected to approve of them.

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